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@ Tuesday, May 13, 2014

About one year ago, I was struggling with everything. It's always nice to look back for awhile with all the things changed. Till date, I'm still struggling. (Lol, nobody get out of reality after all!)  Well that's kind of inevitable as life is struggling for growth, right? But it's a different kind of struggle if you try to figure them out.

I'm grateful, truly do. With the amount of love, luck and hope which has given to me for the past year. I thought I couldn't make it with things but never knew I did something. Remember the time when I was suppose to head on with my 'Leap of Faith'? It never happened. And I never understood why it's the best decision when I know it suppose to be the best (and told it was the best) till recently after knowing the 'ugly truth' with certain nature of people. I'm really glad, or else I really don't know how to push the restart button and probably screaming my lungs out from China.

After since Ed left, I let go of everything. My whole worthless bagful which weighed a ton. I didn't dispose it off immediately but gradually. I shared my life to a roomful of members, probably 60 people on the floor. I shared my experiences during NDP and the things I learnt from Shirui, whom had passed after battling cancer for years. I shared many things and hope that will inspire someone out there. Even if I didn't inspire anyone but I hope it gives a little sense of hope to anybody even for a minute or a second.

The amount of "Yes" I've replied makes a lot of difference in life. Things which you might not expect it could happen on you bound to make some changes in you if you try to allow things to get in or pass through your life. (Sorry, bad structure here.)

I was seriously praying. Praying one day that my lucky one will appear right before me. With certain criteria, I thought I was just trying to mock some imaginary person in my dreams. There's this dying soul in my heart with hopeless thought that it wouldn't happened. But it all happened.

Vit came into my life is not by accident or pure coincidental. I never believe in coincidence. For some information, I know him from Skout. (Ah ha, yes Skout is the App where you mingle with desperados. Maybe I was one. Lmao.)   Many people I have come across through that social app asked me what am I looking for. I told them the most naive answer in the world: To find a heart that loves me back. They said I'm wasting my time over there. But I always believe in this little theory.... If I have this mentality, someone out there will think something similar like me too.

Thinking that I was rather too naive, I almost gave up socialising and move ahead with life. But something stopped me to check back. And then this silly guy searching for someone probably to suit some imaginary perfection approached me. I told myself... I will never talk to someone younger than me. (Bad experience. Lmao.) But somehow I just give a little chance. I have no idea why.

We chatted and to my huge surprise, all the long Vit was just a couple of rows behind me for that past 4 months of NDP training. Yes, we are performing in the same item. I took a step back for a bigger picture.... Of all people in the world, why someone who has been near me for quite a while? Someone who shares similar religion views, and someone who is able to meet my so call imaginary criteria (ha ha ha).

Our first 'date' or meetup was not any ordinary dinner-movie thing. We went to a funeral to send someone special off. And after that day, we never stop trying to meet each other.

It has been a wonderful 9 months, which I told him that it's the same duration for pregnancy. (No link, trying to be lame.) I learn a lot about myself during this period. Because of him, I learn the difference in me between now and then. There are certain things I'm quite perplexed with myself. I learn so much about what a relationship needs from us. And I'm still learning.. Although there's still quite a handful uncertainties, but as long there's always a mentality of not giving up and the fighting spirit within us will work things out.

(To be continued..........)

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@ Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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@ Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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@ Friday, April 26, 2013

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@ Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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@ Monday, April 01, 2013

I'm proud to present everyone of you my new online store: !

  <<  Oh yeah, please do! :P

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It's managed by me and my Sis. My sis got this idea and I supported it. 

Frankly speaking, I don't really like kids. Plus, not being a mother myself is already a challenging thing to do. Plus my circle of friends aren't to that stage yet. Well, maybe ALMOST. (Yes, you will think 'OF ALL THINGS, WHY KIDS STUFF?' Well, sometimes there isn't really an answer to it.)

My sis has 2 children and the eldest is already 5 this year. Time seriously flies. 

I started out as a kid-hater. Yes, I seriously have the thought why are they so annoying. And I don't understand why I don't like them either. Maybe because I'm the youngest in my family and I have lack of interaction with younger children. I'm the youngest in my family tree, other than my nieces and nephews but they are quite off the chart to be close with. 

I'm was born in a slightly above average wealthy background (but not now of course) and thus the lack of touch with friends and the lack of close bonding with neighbours. I think probably that's the case to some of my friends I know who have similar background and don't really like children. I guess it's how we are raised and what kind of environment we are put in that shape our likings. 

When my sis first break the news to me that she was pregnant 5 years ago, it was weird. I never expect such moment to happen (although it HAS to happen one day). I never handle a baby before. When Kimi (her first kid) was born, I was forced to take care of her as I'm the closest among anyone else. It was tough to raise a kid. On how to feed them, how to put them to sleep, how to hush them to stop crying, and how to understand what they need when they can't talk. It's all about the spiritual understanding, the invisible connection between you and the kid. (That's how mothers understand a child wants and needs when someone else outside of the family can't understand certain words and gestures). 

During the past years I took care of both of my niece and nephew, I have learnt many things. Both have its own difficulty as boys and girls are different. Well, in a way, people may think it's the same because they are babies. But hell no. Every kid is different. You thought you have mastered on how to power knock out a kid for the first year and feel so proud of it. The moment when you do the same to another one, you felt like you have to start everything all over again. Every child has their own personality and character and you have to put your heart with them to understand deeper. 

I started to appreciate those little moments of laughters when I faced some difficulties in life. I used to hate them for being noisy, and dragging myself out of bed to babysit them even just for a minute. Those moments are dreadful and felt like hell when I really need extra winks for the day. Even all the complains, I still have to do it. Because it's the responsibility that one must take. 

I remember how much I wish they could just give me some peace when I really need most. But the moment when they left off that door and flew back to China, I seriously miss them so much. Even how much I do, I don't show to them. I wish they can come back and make silly jokes to make me laugh. Every single innocent thought from them is just priceless. 

As I could never imagine myself to say "Hey that baby is so cute!", "Look over there, nice eyes he has!" while I'm with my family or friends. And when I realise what came out from me makes me feel that I have changed. That hatred against them are slowly fading off, all thanks to the existence of Kimi and Riki. 

Probably I will still say "No way to kids" because I don't really want to settle down right at the moment. But I believe one day the status of motherhood will come to me eventhough I was so stubborn to choose to deny when I was younger. 

"A child existence makes a family complete." 

And that's how I can conclude whats the importance of a child.

Maybe somehow this path was given to me for a reason. Getting into something not familiar makes you learn more about it. Getting into something you hate makes you learn to love it. Although I'm not a good nanny or a good aunt, I certainly feel that those babysitting skills that I've learnt are seriously handy for my friends, or even for my future.  

And yep, I can now say I like kids. (Well, not love yet! - Tsk!)

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The leap of faith. @ Saturday, March 23, 2013

As I thought I will live happily in my new career, a new path, it went downhill instead.

The quarrels with Edwin never stopped, and probably it went silent.

You know, the scariest thing is not during war time. It's when things are in silence like as though nothing happened. That's a major problem.

I forced that line out of him. I thought he would never do that. In fact, I want him to say that because I have no reason why I have to be the bad person in the relationship.

It was mad. Real mad. I remembered that night was Valentines' Day. I was painting a canvas for him and thought I could get some pieces back together but never expect it all shattered that night. I never felt that bad towards a broken relationship because of the way he ended it. Gently is the word. I never felt so comfortable with his break up words than all the things he said for the past bad months. I thought I was fine but I broke down and dwell with my negative inner voice instead.

I couldn't get up, and my mom resigned my job on my behalf because I'm unfit for work.

"This is it."

I only have that thought at that moment. How nice can life be? I lost 3 things on the same day. My love, my career, myself. I have never expect I will be in this state in my life.

I have no idea what should I do. I felt like a kid, being stripped naked, owns nothing and have nothing. I never know how it feels like to be nothing until that day. It's depressing yet wonderful. Suddenly I felt my financial burdens are no longer there when they are still there. I don't feel anything that is tied up to me anymore. I have no idea what actually happened. I felt like I've just reborn. Yes, like a baby.

What are the chances to start anew in your life?

We usually change things one by one and we actually never experience a 'Brand New You'. We always think things may change when we change a job, a new house, a new relationship, or a new hobby. But in fact, a few months down after we change something, things felt like it falls back to the same old days. The same old feeling, the same old routine, and there's nothing new in your life at all.

If you think again, the change is in You. External changes are just temporary but what matters are what's in you and what's in your heart.

For my case, I start everything a new. I suddenly felt like I have no commitments. It's something that I can just leave this place without any regrets or anything to tie on to.

I confined myself to a few friends that period. And one told me "You didn't lost anything. You still have valuable things in you that no people and no one can take away. You have a good and kind heart, many chapters of heartwarming stories, and a rich entrepreneur experience for your young age. Who says Khloe has nothing?"

I will always remember those words. It's true. It doesn't matter how much money I have, who I'm with, where I stay, or what I do. The most important thing in life is to know who are you and what you have. Our skills, knowledge, memories, experience, kindness and the heart are intangible things that nobody can take them away. It seriously change my life perspective and it changes my directions and desire in life. I used to look at monetary value in things/objects. But now I look at the functional value in it. I'm glad I've changed.

Just when I was still in a state of lost, opportunity came knocking at my door. I was offered to goto China to work.

China? Work? Are you kidding me?

I was in shock. I ever thought of that idea a year plus ago and I thought it was impossible. I won't be accepted and might complicate things. But no, it's right here at my door.

Have you ever wish something to happen but when it comes, you hesitate and not accept it right away?
I bet many of you experienced this before. Because thoughts are just thoughts and there's no serious consideration in mind before.

I was given a weekend to think over it. And I rejected because it's just too sudden and I can't give up my life here for something new. I'm afraid of change. Then, another opportunity came in right again. I admit I'm fortunate. How many opportunities come knocking without you creating it? I did nothing. I just sit there and it comes.

For the 3 weeks I've been searching myself, I always thought I would work something related to my interest which will create passion at work. I've applied for a job in pet and sports industry but there's no news to it. I always believe things happen for a reason - yes, every of my friends know this line. If it's not yours, it's not yours. I didn't try to pursue into re-applying again because I know it's just not meant to be. (If only I can put my feelings and apply the same to relationship issues, I would be glad. Sadly, no.)

One fine day, there's a job opening and I thought I could try to start anew somewhere again. Later to find out, it's a bicycle company. It's all I wanted and all I wished for. I decided to go ahead, went through a good 45 minutes interview. They are willing to restructure my job position as they feel I'm a dynamic person and the current position is a bit dry for me. So I was given a few days to get my confirmation for the job.

Went I went back the same day, something bigger was offered to me, again.

Shit. Why is this happening? Just when I have decided what I want to do in life, something came and sweep me off from my position like a tsunami and throw me back to the starting line again.

Some may feel it's easy to weigh things out and decide. But no, hell no. I wouldn't want to simply weigh them and pick them with a blind fold. I don't want to sweep back again like before if it don't really work out. It's awful enough. It's not just a decision. It's a life decision. Something major that may resculpt my whole life path. It's a A or Z thing.

It took me overnight to make a decision. And that's where I decided to choose the path - "The Leap of Faith".

Some may think it's brainless and needless to say to choose "The Leap of Faith". To be honest, it's difficult. If I'm a third-party, I will think the same like everyone does. But when it comes to you at your shoes, it's a different story.

So, I decline my job application. Even though I got the news that I was actually almost accepted, I never regret this step. At least I know where do I stand. Even if Plan B fails and I can always return back home and start anew. There's always something in me that I'm not far worse than anyone else. Although people may think I'm better than many others, I still choose to fall back to my humble side. Or maybe it's got to do with my self-esteem. (hah.)

It will be an interesting journey in few months ahead. I hope it will work out well.

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@ Thursday, January 24, 2013

One and a half years ago, I've abandoned this blog and lead my own life.

I never expect I will log back in again and pen things down.
I almost forgot that blogger still exist. Check right in, my shout box is gone. (doesn't matter anyway..)
I don't know who are my readers now. Probably a fresh new random visitor who chanced upon my old post. But it doesn't matter anymore.

Anyway, it has been a good one and a half year. (oh, and yiruma classical songs are playing in my iTunes right now, perfect tune for a personal note)

I would say life started since one year ago. I met someone who re-spark my life again. I thought I wouldn't at the darkest moment of my life back then - it was self destructive. I found several interest that I never imagine myself to be into it.

I've spent many years traveling around and never been serious. Spending all the money and yada yada away and come back feeling the same. Until I went traveling with him (my loved one), I found the true purpose of it. I never want to visit those shopping districts again (okay, at least for sometimes to renew the wardrobe. It's getting crappy in fashion sense). I would prefer to visit the nature and find purpose in life through traveling. In months to come, I will finally fulfill the second hiking experience at Mount Bromo, which should be easy peasy after some experience from Mount Kinabalu.

It's true that you have to meet like-minded people to do get motivated. If you don't have friends who does the same, go find them. Fortunately, he is my motivation to get back to running. I challenged myself to join at least 9 events a year with 10K and half marathons. I'm still not prepared to do a full marathon as I have a weak knee after injuring through sports. Frankly speaking, I never like running when I was younger. It's quite an achievement to me as these are the things to keep me motivated in life. I started road biking after I got influenced by my good friends after they bought their roadies. Now, I'm into in for almost a year. Time seriously flies fast. Seriously does.

I walked out of my business which I've been doing for near 4 years. It wasn't easy to leave something you used to believe in especially doing it alone with freedom and without any restrictions. I faced fear, anxiety and stress to make a decision. It comes to a point that I have to make big decision again - to join back to employment society and have a stable job. I spent half a year hesitating, with self denial. After all I have to do it for my future as I have a couple of commitments to hold on. Nothing last forever, definitely. It will be amazing how I landed up with my current employment which I will start next month. It's honestly not easy when you have nothing on your resume and hope someone to believe in your ability through talking for 20 minutes from an interview. I bet self-employs do face this fear when it comes to leaping to a new career - it's something that you know you are more capable in but doesn't know how to show your true potential to a stranger - unless they are wise and experienced enough.

It came in by chance, opportunity, fate or probably luck. I join into the workforce at the airport for 3 months and got promoted. It's another tough choice again. No one ever like to take any responsibility. Most of us fear to take responsibilities. I never thought that I will be in this situation. Being used to work alone in the past doesn't have to fear for responsibilities. The only responsibility is me, myself and I. But in a company, the fear comes in when you know you can't fail badly. It's a responsibility for ownself and others. Anyhow, I took the opportunity. I learnt a lot for the next 3 months but I decided to jump out from that environment due to certain reasons. At first, I never thought I would hold on that long. The second thought was.. Why did I give up so early? But opportunity came knocking when one door was closed. It could be better. I can't tell that early yet. I know it's going to be a better year ahead but the fear and anxiety in me start to kick in. Because it's another job with even higher responsibilities. I thought I could just leave the previous place and start something afresh once again. Then again, probably something or someone just wants me to get right back to a position that I never believe myself to be.

I gave myself a month to prepare for it, and thats where and why am I penning down my thoughts at this timing. Partly this one month break is to strengthen my inner self for my future and my current situation. Maybe I have low confidence and self esteem. No one can really help me in this part and that's where I start to push myself. My problems with him starts to get worst. It has been on-going since I started my previous job. I used to blame the job and think I could find time to fix my life up. After I left, I realize it's not the job but myself. I started to think a lot lately. Why did all these happened? Then I realize it's all in me. My temper starts to get worse when things happened. I figured out, stayed at home for days with tears...

I start to keep my cool. It surely work. The saying goes "To change the world, you have to start with yourself."... And it's right. Never ever lose yourself just to change something. It will never work out. It has been a good and bad 3 weeks. Fulfilling weeks for myself I must say. What did I do? I did nothing but reading quotes and discover myself. And then I found a new interest in creating some quotes through iPhone apps and my photos taken when I travelled around (well, local and overseas).

I was thinking... Since I'm reading and sharing, why not I create on my own which those I believe in and share to others to inspire? And so.. this is how it all started since 3 days ago (picking out my favourites):

My friends told me to sell them. I told them... Just pay it forward. Never know someone who might need these and change their lives. It shouldn't be charged.

I will create a new instagram account just for these once I have enough to compile.

Remember people... If you think the problem lies in someone or something, think again. It's hard changing people but it's easier to change yourself where it's the only thing that you are in control.

I will share good news when the time comes.

Good night world. :)

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@ Thursday, December 08, 2011

[LIMITED EDITION] Fujifilm Instax 210 Wide Hello Kitty Edition

Limited edition, only 1,000 Hello Kitty wide instant cameras available in Japan!

A special gift for a Hello Kitty fan!

Delight your friends with instant photo mementos
produces photos sharp enough for professional use
check your remaining frames or exposure levels with the handy LCD display

nclude a Hello Kitty close-up lens with mirror for self-shots.

Take great close-ups with the included snap-on macro lens

Includes a Hello Kitty strap

Take in more of the scene – with a film size of 86 mm × 108 mm (image size 62 mm × 99 mm), the Instax wide cameras have a broader view than their Mini cousins

Picture size:99(W) x 62(H)mm

Lens:Collapsible-mount Fujinon lens, 2 components, 2 elements, f=95mm, F=14

Focusing:Two-range selectable: 0.9 ~ 3m / 3m ~ ∞

Shutter:Programmed electronic shutter, 1/64 ~ 1/200 sec., Electromagnetic release

Film advance:Motorized automatic advance

Film counter:Displays number of remaining exposures

LCD panel:Film counter, Focusing distance range

Power Source:AA alkaline battery x 4

Dimensions:94.5(H) x 178.5(W) 117.5(D)mm

Weight (body only):650g
Bring this kitty wherever you go. Capture the instant memories with this limited edition camera!

Get them yours today at only S$199.90!

Film sold separately at $21.90 per pack of 10pcs.

Important Note: This is a pre-order.

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- Full payment is required.
- Item takes approximate 10 days to be ordered and delivered to Singapore.
- Product is shipped directly from Japan.
- Postage fee is not included. $2.55 for Normal Postage, Additional $2.30 for Registered Postage. Further information will be notified. All postage fees are determine by weight.
- Strictly no cancellation of order once payment is transferred.

♥ Order Procedure:
- Orders taken in with full payment.
- All orders will be consolidated and submit by 15th December 2011, 20:00hrs
- Order status will be updated via Facebook/SMS/Email [We will request for your mobile number if orders are sent in by email]
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- Update of delivery (Postage/Meetup)

Note: We hope to receive the items before Christmas. MULTIPLE x CHOICE serves the rights to end the pre-order earlier before the stipulated date mentioned above.

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You may submit to any of the following.
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♥ How do I ensure my order gets through?

MULTIPLE x CHOICE is a registered company (Co.Reg. No. 53185394B) and been dealing with cameras for past 4 years. Your trust is guaranteed.

♥ Any questions?
Email, SMS us at 8223 8333 or you can drop us a comment below.

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