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@ Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I didn't have a record of my year 2008 resolution.
But I know I didn't accomplish majority of them.

This coming year, 2009, I got to fulfill them.

I listed them down few days ago.. Here it goes:

Year 2009 Resolution
(in no particular ranking)

1) Save minimum S$5,000
(despite of paying debts like education loans)

2) Driving License

3) Get (2) so I can pick up Mr Wirriam after his class and go havoc together

4) Advanced to Year 2 in SIM smoothly

5) Work Harder - Maintain well with my online business

6) Achieve at least one of my '101 things to do before I die'
(no particular thing, as long it's a cheap thrill for the first time in life)

7) Best birthday party ever!'

8) Mr Wirriam & I live happier ever after
(lesser quarrells, higher toleration, lesser showing attitude!)

9) Teach Kimi photography when she's 1 year old
(I got faith in her. She's a very smart girl.)

10) To fulfill them all

I think they are achievable. ;)

2008 is the most happening year for me in my life.
I had happiness, sadness, and every single shit I face in my 20 years of living.

31st Dec - Last day of the year..
What will happen later?

Not celebrating.. :(.....

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