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@ Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I was relatively.. Speechless.

I swear, I was so touched while reading her post.
I was listening to this emo song 幸福不滅 by 羅志祥 (playing now) by coincidence.

The post was long, hence the whole song played throughout when I was reading it.

It was a mixed emotion at that moment.
Because of the pictures makes me laugh and smile at the cuteness and her words makes me so touched until I cry.

(LOL, really. I was crying while reading, and after I blogged finish, i read it for the second time, I wanna cry again. LOL....!)

Here's what she have posted for me:

(Sorry, don't mind girl? You always delete your post. I wanna screenshot them and keep in my computer I can keep it with me forever.)


I don't know what else to say girl.
Lost of words. But you know what I wanna say.
a very big THANK YOU for being there for me.
Countless of thanks.

I never regret knowing you since Day 1.
Never ever.

& not forgetting Sarah,
I saw my name!! Hehehe..

Screenshot from her blog:

Thank you Mr Wirriam, Thank you Unker Jordan,
Thanks Ruby, Adeline, CS, Engsoon, Shuting, Xinyi & the rest of their groupies
& the new people I know through my online business like Linda, Licia, RouHui, Cookieman(!),
and of cuz theres A LOT of you out there who I've met this year, it was way too many to list out.

Without you guys, I seriously not what I am you see today.

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