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@ Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm a happy girl once again, just before the eve of the eve of 2008.

1) I met Angelyn to get back my DSLR and she gave me a surprise!

She did this lovely gift..

... with a note at the back.

Really brighten up my day!

& gave me this 'wrapped' up present.

At first, I thought it's some restaurant voucher.. (because the back of the voucher is facing me when i'm pulling it out) and when I flip over.... i was stunned!







Because they are MUJI vouchers (i'm a big MUJI fan)... and.. total 5 of them which makes it S$50! Omg!! Really really really really big big big big big big thank you, Angelyn.. !!

2) I collected my replacement iPod touch from Epicentre. It's back! With Wifi now!

The lady gave me a call when I was walking towards Wheelock.
And told me it's ready. Whahaha, very qiao!

And the good thing is... they engraved my theory at the back even though it's a replacement set!

It just take longer time - approx 2 weeks of waiting time compared to 3 working days for non-engraving replacement.

3) I'm a proud owner of the Macbook! HAHAHA...!

It's suppose to be my 2009 resolution actually..
I never expect myself to get both iMac and Macbook on the same year.

Now I'm official a Apple Mac Freak: iMac + Macbook + iPod

And this means I can fulfill my Macbook+Headphones chilling session in cafe or teahouse ALONE soon.. Hehehe!

It's my first laptop. It feels good to carry a box of laptop and people will stare at you with it.. LOL

BUT it's bad to walk around town ALONE (cuz I bought it when Mr Wirriam is having is night class) with a heavy box especially you want to browse thru shops!

I got a tiff with Mr Wirriam when we were at the shop earlier in the evening. -___-

5) I am a Club 21 member from now!

Minimum $500 purchase from Club 21 stores (cuz i bought my Macbook from iShop [Club21]) to be a member to gain points to redeem goodies and vouchers, etc!

6) I'm washing my sins away!

I found a ATM card at the machine and the owner walked away and never come back.
I'm going to the bank tomorrow to return it!

Which means... I'm going to do a good deed!

7) Wang Li Hong new album is out!

8) Xiao Zhu's new album is out, too!

9) Tomorrow is new year eve!

PS. Getting a new gadget and getting a new replacement gadget means something.
I need to buy accessories for it.

1) Laptop fan
2) Laptop keyboard protector
3) Ipod Invisible Shield
4) Laptop Sleeve Bag
5) Portable Mouse


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