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@ Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's gonna be a long entry with a lot of pictures.

Mr Wirriam is cleaning his room and ask me to get lost.
He said I'm hindering his work bla bla bla bla..

So.. I'm blogging these shit in this manner.

Picture.jpg picture by khloe3074k
Machiam construction worker.

I forgotten to bring my mask.
So I used one of his teeshirt to cover everything.

I know it's an ugly sight. But what to do! I will die with all the dust!

Here goes...

22nd December 2008

Met Mr Wirriam at bugis.
I had a gastric attack because I waited for Mr Wirriam to to have my dinner.
Something cropped up at work.

Not that I don't want to eat myself first, its.. I want to wait for you.
But never expect my stomach can't wait for you...
& my soul was lost when you shouted at me on the phone. *sighs*

Anyway, bought Unkle Jordan's christmas present.
Like I mentioned in the card, you got to love them because I had a gastric and suffered while choosing your gift! (Tsk tsk)

Bought Yin's present and head back home after that.

23rd December 2008

It's my beloved girl of my life's birthday!
Finally hit her 20s, I'm sure she gonna see the world differently (well, how different I also don't know..)

I karching-ed with a few buyers as Christmas was near.
Met Ruby & Yin at Orchard MRT.

Went to Sushi Tei for dinner.

Picture057.jpg picture by khloe3074k

As usual, Yin is always the shy one that hates to take pictures.
YET... she still can zhi lian at home. Lol.
Chawanmushi as usual.

Black egg is Mr Wirriam. Hahahhaa...

Had Niku Ramen.. Yummy~

Picture062.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Something I don't eat on the left, Hamachi Sushi which I love on the right.. :P :P

Picture064.jpg picture by khloe3074k

01 x Califonia Handroll,
02 x Tekka Handroll.


Picture068.jpg picture by khloe3074k

I remember the day that Mr Wirriam & I ate this for the first time and couldn't stop eating these.... lol!
Polaroid time!!

Asked the manager to take a shot of us.
Her face turn black. -_-

Picture072.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Out of focus somemore. -___-

Went off and then search for Mr Wirriam's present at the very last minute.
Bought an A|X jacket which is yearns for it before it's having sale. (Finally can reveal it liao)

& I squeeze thru hundreds of crowds just to get a nice wrapping paper for him.

Then finally met my buyer, Melvin, to karching before we (me+the girls) head home on our separate ways.

I hope you love the present, yin.
The bag + the hello kitty pouch + card!

Went back home, feeling sick.. But i'm trying my best to give Mr Wirriam's his best present this year..

24th December 2008

It's christmas eve, yaaahahhhh!!

Yin & Mr Wirriam had half day..
So I went to made an exchange of goods with my buyer before meeting them.

Met Mr Wirriam first for lunch.
We had MOS Burger because everywhere is too crowded.

For the first time, I tried Teriyaki Burger (not Teriyaki Chicken)

Picture073.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Damn sua ku feeling. I didn't know this burger exist after patronizing MOS burger for so long. Omg, I'm a lousy fan!

Well, with my silly o' look.

Picture074.jpg picture by khloe3074k

& finally pass him his present..

Picture075.jpg picture by khloe3074k

and then we met Yin @ daiso.

Thanks Yin for the cookies! I only ate 2-3 pieces because I can't eat it at the moment. (SICK!!!)

We decided to train over to Cityhall as Orchard is SUPERB crowded (yes, thank god it's a wise choise).

Went over marina square and eat @ Waraku.

Picture078.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Picture076.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Taking pictures before our food come.

Stupid wirriam.. :S

Picture079.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Was served with hot ocha.

Picture081.jpg picture by khloe3074k
Look at the steam! HOT!

It's our light snack..
& I finally ate Kaminabe for the first time..

Picture085.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Same as Sukiyaki except the pot is made of paper.

Picture083.jpg picture by khloe3074k Ordered these few as well.

And for the first time we ate this thing!

Picture087.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Forgot what is it call.
But it's maguro with dunno whose egg.
LOL, cuz chicken egg not so small. Quail egg isn't THIS big either...

Pretty nice but the seseme oil they addon spoil the whole original taste of the egg and the fish.

& not forgetting our handrolls.

Picture086.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Yin went off and Mr Wirriam and I were stranded in Marina Square.

So we decided to go home.

Nah, not yet!

We had shabu shabu at home!
FINALLY, my christmas wish fulfilled!

I called sis to come over to Hougang Point and do our marketing at NTUC with Mr Wirriam.

Bought this vcd earlier..

Picture089.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Sis and Mr Wirriam are preparing in the kitchen..
Coco went to KPO..

Picture093.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Why didn't I help?
Because the more I help, the more mess I will create.
Even better.. I take photos lor!!!

Mr Wirriam was waiting for the soup..
Damn hungry, so he ate a bite first.

Picture090.jpg picture by khloe3074k

So does coco..
Waiting for the meal to come..

Picture091.jpg picture by khloe3074k

To distract their hunger away,
I asked them to take pictures!!

Picture092.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Shit, I didn't bathe my dog.

Keep looking at the big package which arrived the day before..
The Holga Batches.. I gonna email them tonight regarding collection liao.. (WORKWORKWORKWORKWORK!)

Picture088.jpg picture by khloe3074k

So... everything is ready.

Time to FEAST!

Picture095.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Picture096.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Hungry monster waiting...

Picture097.jpg picture by khloe3074k
Chicken soup, TomYam soup..


Picture098.jpg picture by khloe3074k

& not forgetting my Egg + Sa Cha Jiang .

Picture099.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Picture100.jpg picture by khloe3074k
Not my type of food.

Picture101.jpg picture by khloe3074k


I was saying to Wirriam that he don't eat a lot of things.
And I told sis.. Those things he don't eat are his type of exotic food.

So EXOTIC food are the food he hate ..

Many many !

& it soon gonna be boxing day, I take a look at my presents..

One super silly thing I ever received..

Picture104copy.jpg picture by khloe3074k

LOL, present from Unker Jordan.
Look at the upper left corner.


Picture106.jpg picture by khloe3074k

LOL, i totally went WTF.
I didn't realise there's a card until Mr Wirriam pointed that out. -___-

Waited and waited... Wait for the time to strike 12mid...

25th December 2008

It's finally CHRISTMAS!!

Time to cut the log cake!
Yes, another Christmas wish fullfilled.
Mr Wirriam's mom made log cake!

Picture107.jpg picture by khloe3074k
In the box...

The beautiful cake shines..

Picture108.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Everyone loves it.. including my mom... :D

Picture109.jpg picture by khloe3074k

All hail to Mr Wirriam's Mom! :D~

Then watch VCD... Sleep...
MR wirriam stayed over that night.

After that Went over to Hougang Point to meet him early noon.
Then ate lunch.
Then.. went to watch TV.
And ate dinner together at home.
Then... we got nothing to do...


Picture110.jpg picture by khloe3074k
Picture111.jpg picture by khloe3074k
Picture112.jpg picture by khloe3074k

All hail to my Sis!!! :D

I was having a cold, feeling damn cold..
Wore a jacket and a beanie.
And then a mask to prevent from spreading to the rest of them.

LOL it was a super ugly sight.
Mr Wirriam and my sis just laugh at my outfit.

Picture114.jpg picture by khloe3074k


It looks like some weirdo trying to steal the pizza.
And my sis looked at me with that look... HAHAHA...

And the clock strike pass 12 again, we open up all the presents..

& I finally open my parcel from Hong Kong..


Oh yup, that's the gift from Unker Jordan on my neck. A scarf..
Hahahaha, was surprised too..

I finally put on the gift on my mobile that Shuting gave me..

Thanks lady~!

Picture115.jpg picture by khloe3074k

& Mr wirriam bought me a Rabbit teeshirt!
I scream when I see the rabbits! I can't resist not to love rabbits!

Picture116.jpg picture by khloe3074k

But the saddest thing is.. WRONG SIZE!


Holga Batch (2) came...
with the rest of the films..

Picture118.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Picture117.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Mr Wirriam stayed over another time...
Slept until 3pm. Lol~

27 December 2008

Mr Wirriam had class.
Hahaha, shit i cannot laugh at him. Its gonna be my turn real soon!

Thought of meeting him after school.
The same old usual - pick him up at his gate.
But screwed up the plan. I even sort of quarrelled with him.

Well, we are fine now..

I got nothing to do on that saturday, so i doze off on bed and slept till almost 9pm.

Bathed and everything.. Sis and I decided to goto Hougang point again.

Do what?


Was waiting for the food to be prepared..
Mr Wirriam wants to play with coco!

"Picture123.jpg picture by khloe3074k

& Coco got angry with him..


Picture124.jpg picture by khloe3074k

And the finally shake hands and make friends..
Like boyfriend and girlfriend.
She love to lick his face a lot!

Picture125.jpg picture by khloe3074k

So.. it's steamboat time once again...!

Picture119.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Always not forgetting MR Wirriam's Exotic food - BEEF!

Picture120.jpg picture by khloe3074k


Picture121.jpg picture by khloe3074k

& All time POPULAR dish in the house..
Imitation Abalone.

Picture122.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Picture128.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Sha sha sha shabuuuuu~~~~

And ONE more addition to MR WIRRIAM's EXOTIC FOOD LIST.

Picture127.jpg picture by khloe3074k


Reason why I said it's exotic cuz my MOM loves this drink.
Such a nice drink, he can't appreciate it... :S

Finish up all the stuff.
Thank good not much food wastage...!

Wirriam went to play with coco after that..
Picture129.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Clean and steam the sofa to get rid of the fleas and bugs.

And he went back home around 2am+

Call it off a day.. :)

I had the best christmas week.
Thanks friends, Mr wirriam, and not forgetting my sis! :D


8.30am - 8pm?

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