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@ Sunday, December 28, 2008

The sudden urge to blog after so long (yea kind of long to me).

I'm still waiting for the polaroids photos to be scanned tomorrow.
I'm going to karching with a buyer + head over to baby's house for some room cleaning session.

I don't know why but it seems that I got a responsibility for his dirty room.
Oh wait, no, he told me to help him to clean his room. Wtf?

I painted his room last Chinese New Year. (He told me they are not painting anything this year so I can't help out anymore. How disappointing.)
But the reason why I want to paint because I want his room to get smaller! LOL (my stupid painting logic - i will explain this at the end of the post.)

Now, I want to do my part to help him clean it up.
I've been complaining that his bed is so dusty, giving me all the pimples.
Oh yes, it's dusty. The sight of his room makes me.... ZZZZ..
I feel like investing my money to buy him a brand new bed (for the benefit of myself).
(No no, that's not true..)

Things to bring:
02 x Masks
01 x Brand new duster (which I found out MagicClean invented their new product in NTUC today)

I'm already a sick cat during christmas.
& tons of stuff to worry about.

Only my baby & yin knows.

I had enough of troubles this year. I'm gonna list them out end of the year and start thinking of my new year's resolution!
& I don't need another surprise present at the very last day of the year!

I'm really sorry to Mr Wirriam.
I realise that I've been too selfish.

This '1 month incident' made me realised too many ugly things within us.
The '1 month incident' made me learn so much things, probably 'someone up there' is watching and testing us.
Totally like a drama..!!

This '1 month incident' makes me grow a little bit more.

Just like the Hana Yori Dango movie, they were being set up just to test their love before their marriage.

And guess what?
We bought that VCD.
I watched till the end for the first time.
He slept at 1/3 of disc 2.

The next morning, he said he didn't watch finish and wanna watch it again.
But in the day we weren't free to get to watch that.. until mid night.
So.. he played Disc 2..
And he was about to doze off again (around the same time. 2am+?)

Which part did he doze off?
I watched the movie for the second time till the end again...


Please don't complain to me that you didn't finish it ok?
Please don't make it 3 times for me! OMG!

And ar har...
I gonna continue more updates soon from 22nd - 27th Dec.
There will be a massive flood of pictures..

Does painting onto a object over and over and over many times makes it thicker?
You will say, YES. Right?

So.. what if this theory applies to painting on the wall?
You pain your room so many times. Over and over and over until your wall thickens.

Probably you stayed there for the past 20 years and painted the room at least once a year..

From Day 1 you shift into the house, your room space is approx 72 square metres.
20 years later, your room is approx 71.99952421 square metres because of the overlapping of paint on the wall.

Hence, painting your room will not only brighten and beautify your room, but will make your room smaller.

Sounds logic?

So sometimes when you ask your mom or dad why does your room 'FEELS' smaller now or lack of space... Your question is answered.

I told this theory to a couple of people, include my sis.
All of them go speechless because they couldn't decide to agree or disagree this.
When Mr Wirriam heard this for the first time, he burst out laughing.
Funny meh? -_-??

Sometimes I don't know why am I asking such weird and stupid questions.

I realise it myself when I had steamboat 2 times in 3 days.
Uncontrollable, my mouth will always ask all the 'WHY's until my sis and Mr Wirriam got fed up with me.

And my sis reminds me that my grandma ever scold me 'STOP ASKING WHY LAH' when I was just a 6 years old kid when I was asking her a lot of things about food when she's cooking.

Omg? Whats wrong to ask questions?

Which means that I don't ask dumb questions..
It's questions that most people wonder why but didn't open their mouth to ask or search for it.
They rather let that question remain in silent..

Why live on without knowledge???

I love learning new things. :)
I never stop asking 'WHY'!

I even ask Mr Wirriam what's the difference between http:// and https:// today. (thanks for the new knowledge!)
And it's randomly when we are watching tv.
& I asked what's URL stands for when the TV said 'post your blog URL to...'

LOL. I wanna laugh at myself when I think of it now.

Because I scolded him 'WHY YOU DONT KNOW?'
when he can't answer whats URL stands for as he's a IT student and working in IT industry.

But I mean.. when you know something, don't you want to know the basic of the basic?
Like.. How does the organism of the seed to form the seed to grow a tree?

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