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@ Friday, January 09, 2009

Blogging in Tiong Bahru Plaza's LJS.
I'm waiting for Mr Wirriam to finish class.
Well, as mentioned, to play safe, I will wait here until he finish.
Cannot zhao somewhere else I can never pick him at the gate.

I'm so gonna sit here for 2 hours straight, surfing the net.

I hope my laptop battery can last me that long (well, it states 2:48 hours left)

Popping in my isolation um2 earpiece just shuts down all the noises around me.
And listening to my favorite songs from my ipod..

totally ZZZ face.. rotting already.

Truly, it's a world of my own.


Went to school as usual.
James, the Melbourne lecturer, is teaching us accounting for the last day.

Ate at the school court as usual too.

Only manage to take a shot of the group using my macbook.

Left to Right: Daniel K, Joseph, Me, Ben, Nelson


And we head down to orchard by bus to get our mate's birthday present.

We = Nelson, Joseph, Ben, Nic & I (well, you can actually say.. the north-east siders group)

And they say I always bring bags of stuff to school (I got to transact with my buyers after school).
And Nelson called me the 'Yakult woman' hahahhaa!

Nel went off after we get the present (a Raulph Lauren Polo teeshirt)
And the four of us ate dinner at Yoshinoya.

Pretty shag day.
I though I'm the only one who always feel shag after school.
Never know all of them feel that too.
And it's just first week of school, all of us are pretty tired of it.

Thank god I got my 'term break' next week (which was declared by Ben, as TP always have a week of break after term test in a semester), else I gonna drop tired.

At the moment, I'm contented with whatever I have and whoever I have in life.
Yin, we should really hang out someday soon.
& whoever there, we should catch up with each other lives.

Seriously, I'm still seeking for a better lifestyle.

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