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@ Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coco got internal bleeding now.

I've decided.

I'm bringing her for surgery after CNY once vet is open.
And at the same time, I got to mentally prepare any probability of failure during surgery.

And well, there goes my savings for her soon.. Probably will cost near a thousand of bucks.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.

I don't really have the mood for this festive period.
Too many things to worry about.
Too much work to handle.

This year's reunion dinner is really different.
Without my dad existence,
and sis is not around in this house (in her Mother and Father in law side).
Really very quiet.

Remember last time i used to say that I hate new year so much especially all reunion dinners?
I used to get mocked by my dad and sis until I got so pissed off for so many consecutive years.

Well, this year onwards... Not anymore..

And it sucks to have tears rolling down my cheeks right on the eve of the new year.
You can say it's almost every year.

but this time, the reason is i miss their presence!
(humans are real strange. they miss something which they hate it in the past)

Tomorrow should be going to memorial hall to visit my dad.
I haven't visit him since the day he left us last May.

And come to think of it,
time flies...

Enjoy people! :)

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