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@ Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coco's pyometra disease has strike back again.

I didn't know I'm suppose to feed her probiotics for 6 months.

Uncle Reg is right.
Time is the essence now.

She really don't have very much time left.

My very very very last wish with her is to celebrate a birthday this May together.
She'll share a cake with me and it must have 'Happy Birthday to Ting & Coco' written on it.

Bcuz I doubt she can wait till next year.
That's why I can't wait for May.
Still got 4 months to go.

I went to Tiong Bahru just to meet Mr Wirriam for dinner.
Well, not really. I met a buyer to karching and then went home liao..

And Mr Wirriam pass me a zara bag.
He went to buy the tshirt again! When did he go??? Omg.

It was a surprise for me because I don't expect him to re-buy the same tee because he bought the wrong size for my christmas present and it cannot be exchanged as he cut away the tag.

Yay, now I got a tee to wear this saturday. :)

Thanks baby!

I took a shot with my Christmas Tree.
It's still alive and healthy and has been with me for a month now. ;)

It always reminds me how happy and free life I have during the last quarter of 2008.
I miss those days... Spending money like pouring water. Omg.

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