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@ Friday, January 30, 2009

Come to think of it,

$2k+ goes to paying for Overdraft loan for nothing is a heartache.

$2k+ I can go for a trip to Korea for my 21st Birthday. Darn.
$2k+ i can sponsor my Mr Wirriam for TRA package to lose weight.
$2k+ I can buy few sets of PS3 and give to Mr Wirriam and Unker Jordan and someone who needs it. (I never say I want to buy for them, but that money just goes down the drain.. i rather use that money to do something useful than nothing. lol!)

And because this $2k+ is my own hard earn money, I feel the pinch.

Never mind..
Money can be earned anytime.
What's important is I make a good choice and it's a quick decision.

I still can't get over it yet. I just feel things are out of place.
Probably it's too sudden for me.

Well, a student yesterday and not a student tomorrow (without graduating).
Yea you know that kind of feeling.

And because I never have any error in my life before.
I never fail before, everything has been going smoothly and it's kind of weird to experience this in awhile. Hmm...

Probably I need a break for awhile..
To settle things down.

Yesterday I treated Mr Wirriam + Unker Jordan for dinner at Sushi Tei.
I told them it's my first day of work yesterday. (lol)
because I kena 'retrenched. So I must celebrate. (What kind of logic is this?!)

Never mind, I love treating people.
Make sure the people I treated well treat me back (well too).

Anyway some homework to do, given by Unker Jordan.

Tagged by Unker Jordan.
Directions: Once you've been tagged, you have to write a note with 20 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

1. I got deprived childhood.

Sometimes I think I'm childish, or probably I am.

Whenever I see kids stuff (but not kids), I feel happy. Like loving rabbits, some silly characters, etc. I know my sis and Mr Wirriam knows what kind of character I'm talking about. The sight of it will just think of me.

Hmm, maybe give you a little hint here: It's something like Locoroco characters + music. That kind of irritating feeling.

2. I feels like I'm a cat.

When I feel happy, sad, anything... my actions will be very kitty. Everyone says I look like a cat. Talk like a cat(?), eat like a cat (-.-), errrr......... ya, a cat. LOL.

3. I do things like a left handed (sometimes)

No idea why. I tend to hold spoon and fork the opposite side. But it's because i use Fork more than spoon (even when eating rice).
I count money the opposite way (which I realise it yesterday when Unker Jordan pointed it out).

And they said people who are right handed but handwritting is still ugly (consider I'm a female which supposely have to be neat), it means there's a possibility that the person might be a left handed but forced to use on the right hand when young.

And.. they said people who are left handed are smart.

Hmm...... No wonder I feel smart. HAHAHAHA.. Just kidding!

4. I'm someone who is very comical, chatty and random.

Agree? Disagree?
For those who disagree, you have not seen the real me yet.

Feel disappointed that I didn't open myself infront of you?
I don't control it. It's up to my heart to open it up. That is if you can find the right 'key' to open it.
But I'm learning to open it myself..

Sometimes I can be my true self to someone I just met, like as if I know you for years.
Sometimes it takes me a few meetups.
Sometimes, it need that kind of ice breaking 'session' to crack it.
And sometimes.. it will never happen infront of you. (which means there's something wrong..)

I got friends who love to talk to me because of my facial expression.
I got friends who like to tease me (positively) because they find it fun (bian tai one. who ah?)
I got friends who thinks I'm funny because I'm seriously very random at times.
I got people in my life who think the things inside my head is very interesting (got fishes swimming inside) because I can actually kind of entertain them.
And some.. feel i'm irritating but they are addicted to my irritatingness. (yea you know the love hate feeling)
And I never fail to make my mom laugh for so many years..

Yea i love myself too - sometimes ;)

5. I got fetish with grey color.

I don't know why. I love grey so much until my life starts to feel grey. LOL.

You know.. Muji things are grey, brown, white.. not loud colors.
I'm someone who love to wear those kind of calming colors.
The very jap jap feel. I'm not trying to be jap seriously. I just feel that those colors suits me best among all. The style is very simple, clean, yet beautifully nice.

Very classic.

6. I'm someone who is 'Words speak louder than action'

Very 婆婆妈妈. I tend to dilly dally.
Talk only, never do it.
But when it comes to something I yearn for, I'll do it immediately.

Oh yea, don't underestimate a typical Taurus's perseverance!
It's way beyond you can imagine. Scary.

7. I'm very forgiving and very patient, like to compromise and accommodate people

It can be a weakness, it can be a strength.
Sometimes I tend to be too forgiving, people will start to take advantage.
And I always accommodate people TOO MUCH, until everyone think I'm very very good.
In actual fact, I'm not as good as what you think. It means that I'm being too formal to you.

8. I have my limits for everything.

What i've said in Point 7 is true. But if people start to make me pissed off...
Like: Being thick skin, not apologetic for something you if made me DO EXTRA WORK, not responsible for your actions, bla bla bla..

I close one eye for almost every single mistake that a person do because I don't like to point out people's mistake. I want them to realise it themselves. But if things goes out of hand... Hmmm....
You gonna die. ;)

9. In fact, I love how I look.

I think I'm pretty. LOL.

10. I'm a very humble person.

Usually i'm damn humble one. But since I got to say the fact out.. Number 9 fact doesnt make me so. :S How lidat? Hahaha..

11. I love the sound of two metals hitting against each other.

In short, the sound of a bell, the sound of the triangle, and some other instruments...

I got a golden bell. Solid bell.. And it gives a purifying sound that makes your soul feels damn good. I swear that I'm not kidding. It really makes your soul and spirit feels calm.

And I remember one Japanese anime, this girl is actually a fox. And love bells.
Makes her happy. So.. am I a cat?

12. I'm not a organised person.
(That's why I need an organiser.)

Very lun zhun, very kam kam cheang, very xi xa, very untidy. Ahhhh~~~~

13. I fall in love easily.

Hah, don't even need to talk much about this. Everyone knows what it means...
Well, never know you might be my current secret admirer? Or who knows you're one of my crush? HAHA!

14. Number '6'

Some intuition that 6 gives me luck since young.

How many ice cubes will i usually put in my drink? SIX!
Yes it's true. :)

15. Goals?

I don't really like to have long term goals. Life is really unpredictable.
I don't expect many things to happen and it all happen last year.

My goal 3 days ago is to get a degree cert in 3 years time.
And this goal was striked off yesterday and changed to another one.

Get what I mean?

No point planning too hard because life nowadays is moving in a very fast pace.
And it's ever changing, unlike in the past.

But well, life must have an aim to keep motivated to carry on living.
At least a short term goal - like I plan to shit by tonight so I can submit my stool to complete my full body health test tomorrow. LOLLLLL

Ok, that is a really short term plan.

16. I think my brain is square.

Not literally square.

It's like... Cannot think out of the box.
Even Mr Wirriam laughs at my dumbness.

Mom said I only know how to make money but don't know how to think, just like my dad who only knows business but don't even know how to do simple chores like fixing a lamp? And my mom got to do it for him... Hmmm...

17. I don't fancy diamonds, chocolates, flowers as gifts.

Who says Diamonds are women best friend?

That's not true.

It may sounds offensive to most females but i think it's pretty dumb to have it.

Yes I admit it's nice wearing it.. But.. having it doesn't mean anything..
If someone buys me a diamond, okay.. I'm happy (yes it's true) but it's not necessary to DIE DIE MUST HAVE IT.

Diamonds are useless. Well, yes.... in terms of value.
It's expensive to buy. But worthless to sell.

I rather invest in gold.. :)

Chocolates as gifts? I think i'll get sorethroat.

Flowers as gifts? Plain dumb. They wither and die in a few days time and the bouquet will go into the rubbish bin.

Probably it may sounds that I'm not a romantic person.
Let me tell you.. You don't need diamonds, chocolates and flowers to be romantic.
It's in the heart. :)

I rather ask my guy to buy something I really want or like that I can USE it. Like something from my wishlist. And I do the same in return. (That doesn't mean I'm hinting anything... I'm just saying an example. I don't wish to to receive anything from my wishlist. I WANT SURPRISES!)

I can say I'm quite a practical person.
No point buying something for the sake of it.
Spend money wisely, they are hard to earn. Economy damn bad now (ya ya ya, nag nag nag).

I rather use the money for 999 bouquet of flowers to buy an air ticket for my boyfriend and spend priceless lifetime experience in overseas.
Or I rather buy his favorite gadget that he can use it for school/work or well, at least not obsolete or turn worthless in the next 1 year.

I'm talking much about this because it's near Valentines day.
So let me remind you again.. (i've been nagging about valentines day every year LOL)

18. I want to learn piano.

At least one or two pieces will do. It's part of my 101 things to do before I die.

I can't live without music.

It doesn't mean I'm a music freak. Know all bands, know all history...
I'm not a band person, not a rock person..
All I listen is.. Classicals, Japanese Pop, K Pop, bunch of random chinese songs...
I'm not a loud person, so I don't listen to loud music.

I going to bed now.

It's almost 4am. Back from Nic Daddy's place.
I gonna miss those people.. But it won't be the last time we gonna meet.

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