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@ Thursday, January 01, 2009

Enough of all the woes on 31st.
The gastric pain was brought into the new year from 31st.

Stomach isn't very good today as well.

Uncle told me to take good care as he said something like.. "I'm the breadwinner in the family."
Because he said usually the breadwinner is a male, but this time... it's gonna be a female.

Anyway, on the 31st..
We had dinner at...

IMG_0914.jpg picture by khloe3074k

It's one of the 'normal' grade restaurant.
(The 'lower' grade restaurants are: Sakae Sushi, Ichiban Sushi (and boshi branches), Sushi Tei, etc etc..)

It's been a long time I last entered a normal grade Japanese restaurant since the last time dad brought us when I was younger.

This is the place where you can see pure japanese dine in there.

IMG_0913.jpg picture by khloe3074k
It was still OK, just that there's a pretty lack of items in the menu.
Food is ok, we didn't order any sashimi.

IMG_0915.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Ate Ramen instead..
Mom ate the same as me. Miso Ramen.

IMG_0917.jpg picture by khloe3074k

and sis ate Tonkuchi (i think so?) Ramen

IMG_0918.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Had our chawanmushi as usual.

IMG_0916.jpg picture by khloe3074k

The difference between 'normal grade' chawan and 'low grade' chawan is... the normal grade ones are much more concentrated.
The low grade ones are more watery (lesser egg) - hence cheaper.

Total Damage: S$66+

After that, we head down to isetan department store.
Saw this baby seat for 3 months old baby and above.
We tried to put kimi down..

IMG_0931.jpg picture by khloe3074k

I think she likes it. Even read the box somemore. LOL.

IMG_0928.jpg picture by khloe3074k
And we can't stop laughing at her cuteness.
Keep on taking photos of her until she pek cek.

IMG_0925_1.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Yah lah, she's the boss. LOL.

IMG_0923.jpg picture by khloe3074k

IMG_0922.jpg picture by khloe3074k
"Let me check what is this about one more time...!"

IMG_0930.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Then we went to see burberry baby clothes. omg, damn nice!
but damn exp! $200+ for a skirt! (after 60% less i think)

IMG_0935.jpg picture by khloe3074k
Looks old?
Lol, going to 4 months in 10 days time!
(NOTE: DID YOU SEE THE 2 MAN BEHIND? FEELING DAMN GAY! Reminds me of two people I know... Keekkekekee!)

After that, went Isetan supermarket first to get japanese ricecakes & bottle of sakae.

IMG_0933.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Then.. went back home..

Had our family tradition.

What is our family tradition?
1) Do our religion prayers before 12midnight till after 12midnight - got to wear new clothes, offer Japanese rice cakes and 2 bottles of sakae to the Gohonzon (it means the object of worship).
2) Set our new year resolutions.
3) Eat Sashimi (or with sakae for those who likes it) after that.

Lol, pretty Japanese tradition..

Actually I don't know who set (3) in the tradition de.
I think should be my dad.

It becomes a traditional routine on the first hour of 1st January, probably 10 years ago or more?

This year, we don't have variety.

We only bought Salmon Sashimi (yuck, so sick of it)

IMG_0947.jpg picture by khloe3074k

and I forgot this fish.. Something Akami.
It's not maguro.. Should be some parts of the tuna i think? Texture is different.

It comes with the whole piece.

IMG_0945.jpg picture by khloe3074k

For the first time in my life, I slice a piece of sashimi myself.
I know it's not skillful, knife wasn't the sashimi knife which has to be terribly SHARP. (one slide, off it goes)
But still, edible and not too bad... Hehehe..

01 Jan 2009

Went to Memorial Chapel (@ Kovan) to visit my grandpa.
Miscalculated the anniversary. It should be 7 years. I forgot it's 2009 now! Lol!

IMG_0949.jpg picture by khloe3074k

IMG_0950.jpg picture by khloe3074k

IMG_0951.jpg picture by khloe3074k
Flowers for him.. ;)

Went to AMK hub after that.
Then went to Hougang Police post. Mom went to report her lost of employee card.

Then went home, gastric pain again.
Went to have a 2 hours nap.

Then ate dinner.

ZZZ whats up later? ;)

I hope baby did enjoy his night with the other 2 gays (LOL) at Unker's house.
And his soccer session today with his khakis.

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