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@ Friday, January 23, 2009

I got 90% of the result of my full body blood test. (cuz I haven submit my stools)

Everything is normal except certain areas like:

Liver Function
It states that my total protein is 90g/L and the healthy range should be 60-82 and Albumin is 52g/L (healthy range is 35-50).
And it says it may raise in response to inflammation or infections, in chromic liver disease, dehydration and alcoholism.

No wonder my tongue got a little 'teethy' the both sides. :S

And I got no immunity against the Hep A virus.
Ask me to go for vaccine. lol.

And my full blood count... the eosinophil (wtf?) level is raised. It could due to asthma, hay fever, allergies, eczema or parasitic infections. Ask me to consult a doctor for a followup.
My result shows 0.85 and the healthy range is up till 0.40.

I googled that eosinophil word.. its got to do with my white blood count.

What the risks are

But yea, I got some eczema on my hands.
And they got a slow recover rate than usual people.. Hence all the scars around my body.

Mom said too much white blood count will get Leukemia. Really?
And she's quite worried that part because I escape from it when i'm young.

They found that I got too much white blood count at few months old.
And usually babies at that age won't have any symptoms of it until at the age of 6.
But once the child grows till that year, the disease has form and will be too late for recovery.
I was lucky to have a really high fever when i was a baby so I was admitted to hospital and just happen that took my blood sample to test. The doctors said i was really lucky that they bring me to the hospital in time.

Else... I won't be here, probably?

If isn't that medical history, I won't really concern about what result I have now.

But well, i wasn't scared or alarmed at all.
Just got to have some precaution.

So, I can't donate blood then. lol.
That's too bad..

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