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@ Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I got to adjust my timing, seriously.

Seriously got no mood for school.

Zero, Slept at 2am+ last night and I need to wake up at 6am sharp.

First, I forgotten to set alarm and woke up 1 hour late.

Second, had some morning havoc with mom and sis.

Third, Spent $26 bucks on cab from home to school.

Forth, Doze off every single minute during lecture, totally can't concentrate.

Fifth, Ended up I don't know what the heck the lecturer is talking about. S h i t. I got to do self studying now.

My mind was practically shut down and well.. that explains my quietness in school.
Really don't feel like talking most of the time. (Sorry mates!)

Went to Mr Wirriam's house after school.
I hope he's feeling better. He went to the doc for his cough and flu.
But I go visit him... No cough no flu leh. Geng MC one right?
Then must act pityful so I will go over right? Don't think I don't know.. :S

TTSH appointment cancelled (its actually tomorrow) as I got school.
And next booking slot will be during APRIL.
Omg, hais! But I need to restock my pills. .
Need another 4 months supply.

I need to reply emails now. 40 of them..
*sighs again*

And.. I don't have dinner.
Eating instant noodles.
I just feel that my life these days after since school started aren't going well as I expected.

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