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@ Thursday, January 22, 2009

I practically spent more than 1 hour to meaningless time to connect and troubleshoot with the wireless in Tiong Bahru Plaza's Macdonalds.

Yea, very waste time. 
And time flies when I'm spending my time on meaningless things.

Had a Statistic lecture this afternoon and our lecturer is an Indian.
Okay, not trying to be racist but his accent (well, i actually kind of like it) is reallllly funny.

Everytime he speaks, the students just laugh at him. 
Because he always says things real funny. I swear.

I actually voice recorded some second half of the lecture. Gonna get home and listen how is it like. Tsk tsk...

I'm so tired.

I shall wait for Mr Wirriam to finish class and we head back home together.
He's staying over tonight!!! :DDDDDD

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