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@ Monday, January 19, 2009

I think this year gonna be damn busy.

I had 3 days of gastric.

Spirulina actually cures gastric.
I was very happy because I been finding a cure for it for the past near 9 years.

I know some of you are not health freaks.
You may ask what the heck is spirulina? Spirit? Ghost? Possessed? (lol)

It's actually a supplement, or health food which is an Algae.
Though its kind of disgusting if you say you are eating Algae but Seaweed is also another kind of algae what.

It's 100% alkali food and i don't think there is any limit in eating it. Basically it's just a food.
And it's darn healthy, has all sorts of minerals for your body.

So it's both benefiting my stomach plus immune system. 2 in 1!

It comes in all sorts of form.. Pills, bla bla bla.
But i got the one which is in a capsule.

And I need to eat quite a plenty of Probiotics to heal back my stomach lining.

Probiotics is not a well known term in local i guess? I don't know. Most people know it by the term 'Acidophilus'.

Ah, haha.. Yea yea your bacteria from your yakult.
But that yakult bacteria is not enough lah.

I just bought one which consist of 60 billion bacterias per pill. Sibei power.
But it's like S$1.70 per pill.
Now I know how to see good grade probiotics liao.

Excellent grade probiotics powder are slightly offwhite color.
And it taste like brown rice powder or snow cake.
It should taste sweet and yummy, even your dogs love it.

Those in NTUC Unity are lousy one. Yuck!

And I was just googling for image of probiotics just now.. I found something...
A bacteria pill a day may enhance weight loss among obese people undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

Researchers studied 42 morbidly obese people who had weight loss surgery. Six months after surgery, those who took a daily probiotic supplement had shed 70% of their excess pounds vs. 66% for those who did not.

Study participants who took probiotics after surgery also had less nausea and bloating and generally felt better than those who did not, says researcher John M. Morton, MD, of the Stanford School of Medicine.

"It's a very safe, cheap, and easy-to-administer adjunct to weight loss surgery," he tells WebMD.


Go go go, go eat some bacteria!

I think i'm really a health freak now.

I went for my full body blood test that day but it's still incomplete without submitting my stool to them to examine any internal bleeding.

It was not that bad actually.

My sis was saying 'They took out 3 tubes of blood from you already so scary. Imagine you gonna donate blood? One bagful? FAINT LAH'

Ya lor, true. Damn scary.

Anyway... School as usual today.
Has my first OB (organisational behavior) lecture.

I think OB lectures are kind of humourous. My OB lecturer in TP is pretty cute too. I mean, very funny person. And the way our local RMIT OB lecturer talks and using weird words to describe really make us laugh a lot.

And shit, my first individual assignment was given.
1,500 words essay. 25% weightage.
By when? 27 Feb! Omg.

And got another group assignment.
2,500 words essay by 27 Mar.


And oh yea, we are going to Nic's place tomorrow to study!
So near my place.. Hehahahaha..!

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