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@ Thursday, January 22, 2009

its so tough to be me.

ive been financial support myself for the past 1 year plus without any aid despite of only 1 income source in the family now.

and got to financial support my own degree education without any subsidy.

i got to settle the whole lot of people for my online sprees. singpost is delaying every thing.

i got to worry for my dog's health and i dont even have time to feed her medicine (should be twice daily, now its once daily.. and today.. haven feed her)

i got to watch my health, especially gastric. and hopefully those pills can cure me.
else gonna be good game liao. i consider my case not minor anymore.

i got to worry for my school work. too much customers to entertain and inbetween classes i got to meet them. and pratically i dont even have much time for school. and if i dont entertain them, i will starve to death and i got no money to pay school fees.

and people are giving me problems.

and now i see situations in a different point of view compared to 22 days ago (which is last day or 2008). well, thats what i think so. i just feel theres a change.

my whole agenda book, filled up.
since day one of 2009.. i never have any rest.

im so tired, really tired.

and the fact that its only 22 days since new year..
what its gonna be like in the next few months?

i dont know.
im too tired to look far ahead.
too tired to plan.

i really envy people out there.

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