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@ Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's third of the month again. :)


Something for Mr Wirriam before I goto bed.

Happy 2 Years 1 Month Anniversary to US

Probably we might have outgrown the 'monthsary' thing.
We never been celebrating many monthsary since months ago.

But still, I want to make him happy with all the monthsary little gifts.

Cheers little willy,
I know life at work is pretty stress and tiring these days.
Just remember, I'm always here in your heart.

Well, picking you up at work is the nicest thing to do.
Especially without a car.

As I said, walking with you is better than driving you around.
It's more sincere to use legs than wheels. (LOL)

If I got the time, I don't mind waiting for you after work everyday.
(It sounds like a dog)

I've accomplish picking you up from work and sending you to school.
But still have not fulfill picking you after school (it has to be right at the gate) - argh!

Thanks for all the accompanies & comfort.
We did learn a lot for the past 1 month - wayyy too much.
I hope things will get smoother and better for us.
Gambatte neh~

Good Night.
I love you!

I hope I've made you smile by reading this post!
& I know you will, in your heart.

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