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@ Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've finally made a decision to let go one part of my life - withdraw from school.

Not because for any major reason.
But I decided to focus onto my business.

Practically I totally couldn't breathe during those times.
I go school not to study, but to work.
I meet buyers before school, between school, after school, during no-school days.

I looked at my agenda, all is about work.
None about school.
I don't have any time for school.

My mom see me damn tired every day.
Mr Wirriam see me feel stress everyday.
And I myself couldn't take it any much longer.

And today I spoke out to mom, 'What if I didn't start school?'

She was telling me why am I studying for?
For the first time in life, I hear a parent discouraging a child to study.
It sounds very weird, really.

But it shaken my interest of studying after that sentence.

And I ponder awhile, thinking back that day I ever regret signing up for school. (yes I really did.)

I thought I can just close one eye and carry on working and studying at the same time.
Well, people can work and study at the same time.
But the thing is... my work take almost 16 hours a day seriously.

I cannot stop entertaining them. Because nobody is gonna feed me financially.
I don't have a dad around who give me allowance.
I don't think my mom can spare a little of her cash to feed me the next 3 years.
No one else but I got to work for my own..

And now, things going out of hand.. I started asking around...

I made this decision, BY TODAY.
It's too sudden. But I got to think of my SIM mates who getting group mates for project.
Can't leave any later else they gonna suffer.

I promise everyone, no matter what..
I won't regret this path.
Even IF i regret, I will still make it, well, at least survive.
Dad might made me choose this path, which I wasn't forced to.

Mom told me that Dad said why should I study when I started a business before he passed away.
Yea I remember those naggings in the past..

Everyone is asking me why am I studying?
I don't know.
Probably I feel that I got too much money to waste.
Now I wasted $5k+ of my money for less than 10 days of school. HAH.

Not really. I seriously don't think that $5k is a waste...because I made great friends in there.
I don't mean that i'm spending money to make friends (kind of idiot), but it gave me the chance and the fate to meet them.

It's a strange feeling. :S

Friends, I know you read my blog.
I'm sorry that I won't be walking the next 3 years of life with you guys.
Even it's such a short stay.. I will never forget everyone of you.

I will still join you guys for gathering, and of cuz.. this friday's reunion dinner. (Well, I'm not offically a non SIM student yet)

All the best guys.
I wanna see everyone of you wearing the square hat and taking the white sheet of paper in your hands with the greatest smile to me in 3 years time. :)


No no... Nic's words still chanting in my head "Save money.. Save money..."

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