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@ Sunday, January 04, 2009

Kimi levelled up today.

She knows how to giggle / laugh already!
So scary!

Anyway, I spent S$300 odd today.

01 x top - $28+
01 x berms - $56+
01 x FCUK top for CNY - $109
01 x Macbook keyboard protector - $25
01 x iMac keyboard protector - $25
01 x Macbook Sleeve - $22+
01 x Laptop balls - $18?
01 x Bag - $50+

Time spent with Mr Wirriam - Priceless

Lol, shagged out.
No pictures for this post.
Carried so many things, no mood to take pictures.
We hardly sit down the whole day anyway.

Watched Bedtime stories.
Okay, it was funny, some part of the jokes I don't quite understand it but I know it's funny.
It reminds me of the show 'Click'. The same kind of moral.
Its good, I had some good laughs from with especially the ringtone. LOL.

School is starting tomorrow - THE HORROR!
Today is a Sunday.
Hope today will be a good day for me.

Baby, I need your comfort once again! :(
Feeling the blues... Sighs!

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