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@ Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Last Sunday is shopping day for sis, mom and I.

Well, not too much shopping because we spent almost half of our day at home rotting.

I treat my mom and sis dinner.
Ate at Tonkichi. All the tonkatsu.

IMG_0973.jpg picture by khloe3074k

It's my first time dining there. (I KNOW RAH, SUA KU RIGHT)
My sis said I suaku cuz she ate there many times already?

IMG_0975.jpg picture by khloe3074k
But I thought it's a not common place to dine at?

We are all given this sesame seed to gind on.

IMG_0989.jpg picture by khloe3074k

What's that for?

Ordered my usual Chawanmushi.
I realise I been eating this for more than 10 years!

IMG_0990.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Soft Shell Crab.

IMG_0992.jpg picture by khloe3074k

It looks bad, but not as bad as you think.
Definitely 20 times nicer than Sakae Sushi

So my dish came..

IMG_0993.jpg picture by khloe3074k

And we got to put the legendary sauce.

IMG_1002.jpg picture by khloe3074k

IMG_1001.jpg picture by khloe3074k

And after that, the sesame seeds I've mention was grind earlier were sprinkled onto the meat.

IMG_1003.jpg picture by khloe3074k

IMG_1004.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Time to eat!

& this odd looking paste which looks like mustard is not a mustard.

IMG_1005.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Its wasabi!
And I thought it's a mustard, I put it into my mouth.
OMFG. I was crying while eating that moment.

Way 'spicier' than the usual green wasabi.

Once finish, I kapo-ed my mom's dessert.


IMG_1007.jpg picture by khloe3074k

It looks normal, but COFFEE LOVERs WILL LOVE IT.
Really damn nice. Melt my heart too!

Paid the bill...

Total Damage: S$97.90 (Ouch, pain in the pocket)

Monday, mom took leave from work.
Woke up at 8am.

Why so early?

It's a homebased hairstylist.
Mom went for partial rebonding (to '补' those new growns) and expected time is 3 hours.
Ended up, because we reshuffle our schedule and change the time slot to 1 hour later,
the hairstylist got lots of customers and ended up we drag till 6 hours.

Sis and I did hair treatment.
Just S$50, it's super super good.
It feels like I just go for hair straightening.
Cuz it feels so smooth and straight.. Can feel that my hair is feeling healthy. Revived!!! Hehehe!

After that rushed to Chinatown to meet my buyer to pass her the holga.
And then we ate our dinner at the market there.

Fried Gyoza was superb!

IMG_1008.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Its the filling of 小笼饱 but skin of a Gyoza.
Dip in the same sause as the 小笼饱 - vinegar with sliced ginger.

& I ate 炸酱面.

IMG_1009.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Well, my very first REAL 炸酱面 in my life.
The only ones I ate is the korean 炸酱面 instant noodle.

Then we decided to goto Bugis to hunt our clothes a little.

Bought a 3/4 bottom from Ness.
Then went back because KIMI needs us to take care.

Settle all my packages at home before heading out to the post office.
It rained heavily and I got to walk indoors from HUB -> AMK P.O

I didn't know there's shelter from HUB -> AMK P.O all the way until today.
That's good! :D

Met a lady to sell off my Ice Cream mobile phone at Novena after that.
Then trained down to Orchard to meet yin.

Talk and talk while walking, we don't know where we want to head to.
So I decided to enter GG>5.

Bought more than a $100 worth of clothes. Sounds a lot but it's actually 2 pieces of top.
OUCH, another pinch in the pocket.

Then we went to Cityhall MRT to meet my buyer. Sold off my extra set of Polaroid.
Then trained to Tiong Bahru to meet Mr Wirriam.
Yin got school too.

Then ate at Qiji with Wirriam & Unker.
Went to NTUC (as usual) after that.

They are very funny.
Go school like going chalet?
Eat and eat, no wonder I don't see Wirriam lose weight. Tsk.

And then halfway when they are queuing up to pay, Yawen called me.
So I got to meet her at the train station.

Then, after that......

Very tired. I wanna have my shower and rest now.
I dont know why I woke up 9am+ (almost 10am) today without an alarm clock.

Wait, shit..
Someone is coming over to pick up goods 10~11.30pm at my doorstep later. ZZZZZZ.....

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