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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lucky i bought my laptop.
It was so much in handy for work. ;)

Anyway, I just feel that I'm very very swey or just feel that i got bad hair days everyday.

And the fact that I'm not.
I'm just feeling too cramp and stressed up with too many karchings (i told ben whats karching means, he said i damn cold. wtf?), meetups and.. yea, with school and social life.

I just realise that until today..

I was thinking im SOOOO late until i 'kam kam cheang' (means like a gan jiong spider in cantonese) and rushed out.

and i thought IM VERY VERY late until.. i go flag a cab to goto school.

And when i'm in cab, and the cab drives to the CTE..
i realised.... i'm not late.

I'm SUPER EARLY instead.

I actually came out of house 30mins earlier than what I'm suppose to.
And I reached school 50mins early. WTF.

The best thing is.. cab is not cheap.
It cost me $14.90 with NETS service charge.. FOR NOTHING.
Okay, plus a 'Happy New Year' greeting from the taxi driver that makes me smile.

Bloody hell.
I went to tell my SIM mates, they laughed at me. X_X

And and..
just now I was packing my stuff...
I saw a... SPIDER. omg.

I got a very big phobia with spiders.

And whenever I do my things, i will always turn around to check if the spider is still at the position.

Turn once.. There.
Turn twice.. Phew, thank god its still there.
Turn thrice... OMG WHERE DID IT GO?!?!!

My hair stand immediately and i dont know.. i always got the fear that it stuck on my shirt.

cuz i actually saw some 'shadows' or like ninja running so quickly that you can see a swift shadow. yea, that kind of speed.. like you can't see the thing but yet you know their presence exist.

That specie actually flashed back one of my memories in the past.
It brings me back to approx 15 years ago near christmas.

I used to live in the terrace so there's a lot of creepy crawlers around the house or in the backyard and the surround compound.

Mom and dad was in the living room.
Watching a horror movie call... Bloody Mary?
I know the introduction of the movie was vehicles are moving on the roads.
You might think that it's normal. But the next few scenes was.. there was no one in all vehicles.
The ghosts are controlling it.

Ok, i can only remember uptil that part.
Well, thats not important anyway.

I wanted to take a my notebook from one of the drawers in the dining hall.

When I walked up the steps (there's 2 steps up from my living room to the dining hall) and i can see something on the floor. Something weird.. something brown...

I realised it's a spider as i walked closer.
The size of 3/4 of your palm.

And i ran back to my living room, scream for mommy and daddy and told them what I saw.
They just.. EEYER.
And mom calm me down and pat me as I'm dozing off while watching Bloody Mary.

Mom have to carry me upstairs to my bedroom.
And I had a nightmare that night.

I dreamt I was watching television and went upstairs to my room.
The television got very loud and mom told me to go downstairs to switch it off.
So I ran down the stairs, went to the living room, pressed the button.
And once I turned my body, straight ahead is actually my kitchen.
I saw 2 skeletons inside the kitchen and using my mom's favourite mug.

I was so shocked and quickly ran past the kitchen door and run up the stairs, hopefully the skeletons didn't see me. But... they were quite alert, they walked out of the kitchen door and saw me.

I ran up the stairs. I was so scared until i miss a step on the stairs.
The skeletons are walking up the stairs, chasing after me.

I quickly run up as fast as i could and went into my mom's room and shout "MUMMMMYYYYYY!"

And I woke up.

Until now, this memory been with me for so many years.
Can never forget it.
And yea after reading these.. you know.. I'm a dreamer since birth.

I dream to live and live to dream. ;)
Never stop talking about my dreams.

It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.
I'm tired, good night people.

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