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@ Thursday, January 08, 2009

My groupees in school are crazy with the overrated term ‘跟你一样’

Every time we want to eat something or do something, we ask each other 'what do you want?'

The answer is always ‘跟你一样’.

And yes it's true. We won't know what that person is gonna buy and come back with surprise.
And so.. whenever we have our lunch. You will see the whole table got the same dish and drink.

Hahahaha. Pretty funny I guess.

Joseph, Nic, Ben, Nelson and I bused back and we are discussing about business issues.
Joseph's idea was to sell Bak Chor Mee after graduate. And the dish name is call ‘跟你一样’ LOL.

Discussed lots of crappy stuff. Can laugh until peng.

I guess I always got crappy funny friends wherever I go after all..

Polaroid session in school tomorrow? :D
I'm gonna wait for Mr Wirriam to finish his class tomorrow night...
Got to accomplish 'picking up Mr Wirriam from his school gate' wish tomorrow no matter how.

So that means, I got to wait in Tiong Bahru from 9pm onwards to play safe (incase he finish class damn early unexpectedly - which is almost all the time).

Meeting yin soon to pass her stuff later.
Sorry girl, for not contacting you thru phone or msn..
Really damn tired to do anything nowadays.

PS. And again, someone in school said I look like a Japanese. -_-

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