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@ Friday, January 02, 2009

On 2006, I ever post my kindergarten class photo.

Now, I want to post it again! Because we are so cute!

Seriously, until now.. I do miss that Japanese boy (5th boy from the left)
Sometimes I goto Novena (that's where he lives in the past), I will think of his name: Takaaki

The 2nd boy from the left gives me a very big impression.

We got the same waterbottle when we were young. I remember it's a tall dark grey one..
Ended up we bring back the wrong waterbottle home.
And... sweyness to the ultimax, i kena chickenpox and didn't go school for the whole week.
My plan was to go back to school, switch back his waterbottle and mine at the shelf where we put our belongings when we have class.

But.. because of my chickenpox, I ended up being forced to use his waterbottle (meaning been consuming his saliva all the time) for the whole week. LOL.

The 3rd boy from the left..
Keep bullying me de! KEEP PULLING MY HAIR IN THE SCHOOL BUS! Bloodyhell.

(from the left)
1st girl, kailing
2nd girl, kaisian
3rd girl, THATS ME
4th girl, kaitian

They are my closest friends..

I wonder how the 5th girl looks like now.
I bet she's a pretty babe!

& the 3rd girl from the right.. She got a blogshop now.
Can't remember the link. But I swear it's her.

I really miss my kindergarten school life.
And I seriously have no idea why our excursion trip is goto: TAKASHIMAYA !
I remember we go in a group and everyone has to hold onto a yellow string so that nobody get lost. (very good idea you know?)

And I remember entering the main entrance of the Taka Department Store (the door where you see the TeddyBear Christmas tree a week ago) and I can hear every single ladies staff goes
'OMG KAWAII~~~' -___________-"""".....

& we ever goto Chinatown for school trip.
All around central area (probably maybe the school is near central?)
But I don't remember going to the zoo. -_-....
I still don't get it why..

Remember the Japanese horror movie: DARKWATERS?
Everyone said that I look like the japanese girl (not the GHOST lah!), especially in this photo.
Which i think.. its kind of scary..

I'm still hunting for my pri 2 class photo... Where is it? :(

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