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@ Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday is a homeday to me & Mr Wirriam today.

Contractor came over to do some cabinets in my kitchen and my room.

Because of my inventory in house is increasing each time.
And Chinese New Year is round the corner, those cartons of stock is an eyesore to everyone especially guests are coming to my place for visiting.

So, Mom decided to do all these fixtures.

All done up, white cabinets as my personal 'storeroom' aka mini mini warehouse.

Inside the cupboard,
full of my stocks. More to come in the next shipment which is coming next week.

Hit me up (by email at if you need any of those cameras. ;)

Pretty lazy to use my digital camera to upload them.
So I decided to use my inbuild iSight in my macbook for quick shots.

And did up this sliding cupboard in the room to put all the stuff.

My own personal space:

Got nothing to put so I place my cameras inside in these position.
My MINI Museum. LOL...!

And my so called new mobile phone.
Motorola Rokr E8.

Pretty cool about this phone is the keypad alpherberts or icon are not printed.
Rather, they are actually LED icons from the inside.

So depending what application you are using.
Say.. The camera.

The numbers will go off and switch to ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT icons on the keypad.

I'm selling my LG Ice Cream phone away: S$250 in box with 11 months warranty. (Condition: 10/10) PENDING TO BE SOLD
Like I said, that ice cream is my temporary phone..

E8 is also my temporary phone hahaha.

Thanks baby to came over to my place.

Though I didn't spend time with him but seeing him entertaining Kimi somtimes,
while i'm cleaning up my stuff.
And seeing him chatting in MSN with unker, and dont know do what else... like watching HK drama (sibei boring)
until I doze off.


And i want to share with you guys .. something real funny.

Because Mr Wirriam was using his MSN and I want to log in mine the same time.
So I open up Adium program.

And it prompted me to update the version.
Once done and I want to switch back to Adium from another window using 'All windows' view mode in Mac,
I was stunned for a second and went WHOA, HAHAHAHAHA....!

I was laughing real badly and asked Mr Wirriam to take a look.
He was laughing with me all the way.

Heres why.....






LOL, 'What the fish!?'

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