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@ Tuesday, January 06, 2009

School is a bitch.

Travelling for long hours just for a shortwhile of school.

When sis ask me why I always LIKE TO study so far away from home, I start to realise it too.

Kindergarten: I stay at Yio Chu Kang Rd and my school is at Telok Blangah.
Primary 4~5: I stay at East Coast Rd and my school is at Pasir Ris
Secondary 3~4 till Poly for 3 years (Total 4years+): I stay at Buangkok and my school is at Tampines

I gonna get that god damn lisence!

I seriously do envy those who stay opposite of school or probably even 30mins away from school.

Well, first day of school is not what I expected.
The boring lecture with full of statistics makes me feel like falling asleep.
Slightest noises are full distraction for me.

I slept at 3.40am last night.
I was neither sad or happy. The feeling is like as though I'm numb from things around me.
No effect.

Probably I love the feeling of doing things alone nowadays.
And going back to school now makes feel that I grown up compared to those poly days.
I mean, the decision making and probably my thinking.
I know I love to complain, probably that explains my low EQ. Hahaha.
(I'm still trying to level up ok!)

I thought I'm still the same as before.
Well, yes.. Still naive as ever. And I know I'm oblivious of what's going on in the society.
Totally a noob, I'm nothing, valueless. I got to admit this.

Same old usual routine as today, the timing is 5354.

I'm still gonna get myself busy with work.
Got to meet 2 buyers after school tomorrow.
And darn, I don't have time to goto the post office to get stuff posted out.
I got to bring them to school (thank god its not a big bag of them) and do it after school.

And yes, I'm exempted from one module, which means..
and... the rest of the days (exclude this week), I gonna have 3 days of school per week and only 3 hours of school each day.
And some of the weeks, I only need to go 1 or 2 days.

I'm much slacker than Mr Wirriam, who is studying Part Time Diploma!
(opps, don't say it too early... i think i should take back my words..)

Now now now...
Time for the fugliest thing on earth.
I curse and swear to the photographer!

Well, who cares about the picture. I'll just hide it from everyone for the next 3 years.
Most important thing is.. I CAN APPLY FOR UOB CAMPUS CARD NOW!
(it's time to buy a card holder now. SOO MANY CARDS FOR F!!

[note: not for hao lian-ing purpose. i bet some of you got more than me]
o1 x Citiclear,
o1 x UOB NOW card (for ezlink)
o1 x UOB TX debit card (to gain UNI$)
o1 x POSB ATM card
01 x Fairprice OCBC ATM card (LOL - dont play play, 1% interest wor!)
o1 x Maybank ATM card (for emergency and im not a malaysian ok?)
o1 x Identification card (of cuz only 1 lah!),
o1 x SIM student card
o1 x MUJI member card

I don't have any other nonsense discount cards.
you know what discount cards means?
it means you'll get poorer with it. keep on buying!

coming soon:
o1 x club21 card
o1 x uob campus card

& gonna apply for Citibank savings account in 4 months+ time.
i waited for 1 year for this. :(

Before I end, this is a shot of Kimi sitting down and taken with my webcam (on the floor).

Night world. Sleep at the same time again.. 3.40am -____-

I suddenly feel that I got no freedom.

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