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@ Friday, January 16, 2009

Spent $110+ for coco's vet fee.

1 jab + 4 medication.

And was inform that her kernel lump is actually her muscles and tissue.
and told me that he can even feel her intestine come out.
told me not to let her jump around because it will pull the intestine out and will break one day.
so... thats the day that she will leave this world.


told me to monitor her closely, if anything happens, send her for immediate surgery on monday.

and surgery will cost like S$800 for everything.

I don't know lor. 
Let her die with all the tumors and shit or... pay near $1k?
I know she only left with a very short time.

But sometimes i think.. I don't mind paying $1k+ and let her leave this world without any burden. Is it worth it? 


So much burden.

I gonna have a food fasting in 35mins time.
Gonna have a bloodtest tomorrow.
Spending another $180+ again...  omfg....!

Ok. For health sake.

Health > Wealth. :)

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