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@ Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Steamboatssssssssss are dope!

23rd Jan - Steamboat @ Bugis
24th Jan - Steamboat @ Grandma's
25th Jan - Steamboat @ my place
30th Jan - Steamboat @ Nic's


Study session @ Nic's today was partial successful.
Ben & I went over to his place first. Then Nelson came during lunch time.

First, we manage to study, yes....
Second, we never manage to study all 3 topics. oh no...

We started off quite well until......... LUNCH TIME.

We couldn't stop playing with Shaggy (his hansome dog)
Watched a recorded American Idol on hub station.
Ended up visiting his bedroom and dug out certain stuff.
Making a short video clip of something REAL FUNNY.
And never stop eating those CNY goodies on the table.

We kept on making fun of the word '补习老师'
Ben was saying that word and Nic heard '补习' as PUSSY.
So we kept on saying it as PUSSY 老师.


Sounds damn wrong.

I think i going to bed now....
Wait.. let me eat something first before i goto bed... lol.

Oh yea Nic, I know you are reading this.

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