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@ Friday, January 02, 2009

Studio Shots in Aldrick's Studio on 20th Dec

Post dated photos.
I couldn't get the photos as it require me to lown-load (meaning download) the stuff from i-dont-know-what-the-heck-complicated-thingy which requires Windows OS to get the program and then install it and then.. to get the photos. Wtf?

Hence, I kapo-ed from Engsoon's blog & facebook (I hope he don't mind about that)

I shall figure the lown-load out someday once I bootcamp my Mac to a Windows.

Took a shot for Aldrick.

He was feeling pressured when he's the one standing there.. (now he know how everyone feels to get shot!)
Well, a day break for him.

I'm the one incharge!! >:)

A shot of Kendrick

Peter & Xinyi

I always love Peter's expression.

Very natural for his case. Hahahaha..!

Damn classic!

May the Gayness be with you~

The so called 'Temasek Poly's S.H.E'


Ji Ki Sio Hor Sua (一支小雨伞)

ROYCE chocolate Ambassedor

The proposal.





The Proposal II.

Lol, too many photos.. Else I gonna flood my whole blog.

It was a priceless experience there.

I never have any full-of-laughters trip to a studio. Haha!

Hope you guys do enjoy looking at them!

I got a new poll at the side~ Do answer the questions! ;)

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