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@ Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 nights without sleeping at home, i finally get back home.

nothing feels so perfect and bliss than your own house!

Mr Wirriam, please thank me for accompanying you for 2 nights. Hahahaha..!
Though I never pei you watch soccer, cuz... i already doze off on the bed.

I see you when I see you. (it sounds lke im not gonna see you soon)
But I'm giving you time to complete your projects then we go havoc together once again ok?

No stress!

I promise i'll choing too.
& reward you with something.. :D
(don't tell you what's that.)

PS to my buyers:
I won't be entertaining much emails / MSN during weekends.
'Operating' hours only on weekdays!
Thanks for your kind understanding!

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