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@ Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Being a nanny for 2 days.

- Drive mom to work after lunch time

- Went Taka to scout for some baby stuff

- Drive to SMU to sign a contract

- Went over to Dhoby Ghaut to meet 2 buyers for Karchings

- Drive back to Isetan Scotts to scout for more baby stuff (yawn..)

- Went back home for dinner

- Play Kimi's new toy from Leap Frog. Some touch book interactive educational toy.
We are more fascinated about the toy than kimi seriously.

- Cook Mushroom Vegetable Tom Yam soup for supper (2 packets of golden mushroom, 2 stalks of xiao bai cai, a handful of taogay with tomyam soup = healthy and yummy!)

- Went to bed at approx 2am+

- Dreamt A LOT of things.. (Secret)


- Went over to Hougang Mall: Sis send Kimi to doctor, Mom+Colleague went for lunch, I went to do my work stuff

- Post packages at post office

- Almost like a mad woman, draw out money from ATMs for more than 5 times, deposit money into bank for more than 4 times. I ended up with SO many receipts. Everything happen in just 30mins. (UOB->UOB->POSB->UOB->POSB->UOB->UOB. ARGH!!!)

- Called up Mr Wirriam to help me telegraphic the moolah to my supplier
(Seriously a big thank you for the hardwork)

- Went back Hougang Mall to find Sis+Kimi & Mom+Colleague

- Drive back home (Sis went to take Kimi's stuff)

- Drive Mom+Colleague back to work

- Drive to AMK Central

- Went to MayBank to withdrawl $

- Drive back to CompassPoint


- Went to see more of Kimi's stuff at Kiddy Palace (double yawn.....)

- Drive to Bugis to get our materials

- Drive to OG (Bencoolen)

- Ate the famous Laksa and have a cool drink first before doing anything else.

- Went to OG to scout for MORE Kimi Stuff (triple yawn......)

- Drive back to AMK to pick mom up after work

- Drive back home and have dinner

- Went to NUH to visit grandma

- Come back home.

Note: I don't drive. Credits to my sis. Hahaha..
And there's a lot of hardwork inbetween the things I mentioned.
Hidden hardworks = Taking care of kimi especially feeding her milk (its a torture to her..)

I tasted the milk today and it taste like METAL!
OMG. Because of the extra IRON in the milk... it makes it really taste like metal.
How do I know how metal taste like?
I smell of pure metal before.
And it taste like blood.
It's that kind of fishy salty taste which totally..... turn off my taste buds.
Can't really describe but just try if you are bleeding and the taste is 2-3 times stronger than your blood.
No wonder it's a torture to her.

And i think I ate a lot today.

I ate a bowl of noodles before I head out home.
Ate a slice of bread just 1hr later.
Then ate subway when I reach compasspoint.
Ate a bowl of laksa not long after reach bugis.
Then came back not long another bowl of noodles.
Went to drink a cuppa milo at NUH.
Come back ate a servings of chocolate cake.
I almost wanna cook cream soup as a replacement of the chocolate cake.
Well, i'm actually very tired now.. it's 2.15am.

Time to sleep.
Finally Wednesday is a rest day for me...
but i think another shipment is reaching me soon.
More hectic weeks coming up.

I know my blog is getting too wordy..
Will upload pictures if I got the time.

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