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@ Friday, February 20, 2009

Blogging at PSB Academy again.
It feels like I'm a passerby student in here.
My school days is every Thurs and Fridays according to Mr Wirriam's schedule.

I left my laptop in the car,
and i'm currently using his company's laptop.

It sucks.
It took me more than half an hour to get online.
Probably I'm noob, because I'm a macintosh user and now I don't knw windows anymore.
I totally hate the interface, and the no-shortcut buttons to manoeuvre around from windows to windows. (sighs)

Anyway thanks Mr Wirriam for lending his laptop to me, else I gonna catch spider liao.
Reason why I say spider when I got a very big phobia with it because I just keep telling myself to face my problem to overcome it.
So I think I have to live with spiders so I will kick off the phobia.
(hahaha, that won't happen)

Anyway, my sis and I did some product scouting and it was damn funny.
I used up all my energy to search for the items.
It's hard to describe but my actions is like..
A dog digging up the soil to find a bone using both front legs.
You get that picture?
And once the bone is found and there is a full lot of them in the soil, the rest of the dogs went over and get one for themselves.
So it's like.. I'm the one who dig out everything. Hahahaha..
Sorry man, i think i messed the whole shop. LOL.

It was a very new experience for us. Because we see all the old birds know what to do, etc.
Damn noob feeling and now we learn certain stuff now. :)

Lots of stuff to do.
Checklist not fulfilled.
Ahhh.... But it's gonna be relaxing at the later part of the process.

And... Thanks to Shawn (da cookieman) for introducing me to his his girlfriend just now and
she shared with me some tips about getting piano and stuff.

Now.. I got the motivation to learn the god damn piano!
No.. I think I should figure out where should I put the god damn piano in my house.
Living room? (Well, that's the only option)

Got lots of things to aim.
And each of them gonna cost me quite a lot.

1) Getting a car license
2) After get car license, I have to pay for installments when I drive
3) Buy a piano
4) Piano tuition fees?

I suddenly can't remember what I want to do.

But I just suddenly feel that my life is getting interesting.
And I can't wait what's going on tomorrow, the next day and the next week.
For the first time in my life, I felt this way. Feeling very excited for my future.
Damn positive. LOL.

Just can't wait to fulfill them!

Maybe that's only for today.
It might be a different thing tomorrow.
But I'm glad I ever feel positive at least once and I know how it feels like again. :D

Happy happy!

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