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@ Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Created a blog icon.

For those who wish to link me to zhng your blog swee swee, you may use this image blow.

Copy and paste the codes below into your blog to link me!

It's gonna be another busy week, especially Thursday.
And planning a BKK trip, probably next month.
Not for leisure, but a business trip. lol.

And for Korea Trip this May.. Still... Tentatively..going.. (i think.)
But I gonna ask them to confirm by end of this month to book tickets in advanced - else.. the pinch in the heart when you need to pay extras for the air ticket.

Anyway...... it's the 3rd of the month once again!

Happy 2 years 2 months anniversary to you, Mr Wirriam.


It's currently my desktop wallpaper now.


Hope i did make you smile while reading this..
Don't stress too much at work k?
加油, baby

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