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ky l.
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@ Thursday, February 26, 2009

I dreamt I went to Taiwan.

I'm not sure if that is taiwan because I can't fit any other country names to the scene in my dream.

I'm with my sister and brother in law, and can't remember who else was with me.

I was at the night streets, many colors, many shops, many things, many people..
The streets are narrow, shops at both sides, with yellow light bulbs as their lightings, hanging on the ceiling..

I feel that I ever been to this place before. (though I ever been to taiwan night street last year..)
Not in real life, but in my dream.

People are selling food, dry foods, many food.

And I have a new dog, but I'm not sure what breed is that. It's grey color with fluffy fur.
And along those street market, they got a vet there.
The dog was sick, lying down on a table, being unconscious.

I don't know what's the dog name. But it's mine.

It's a strange dream.

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