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@ Friday, February 06, 2009

I need sleep.
Though I sleep but I sleep at the wrong timing.

Anyway, grandma admitted to hospital.
Nothing much serious as in fall or some big illness.

Just having some stomach flu and constipation (no pee, no poo for 5 days) + vomittings.
But being 90+ years old to get such things is consider a not a minor case.

And when mom told me to go visit her today.
I just said 'Ok'

While traveling down to hospital, it seems like a 'daily routine' feeling.

I thought back of my past (yes, forgive me) and feel there is something different in me.
And yea, probably I have change (a little). (If i don't change, then something is wrong with me)

I think I tend to be more straight forward now than in the past.
Sometimes I just say things out when I don't like it rather than keeping it to heart.

I don't know what else to list.
Can't find what's the difference, or haven't realise it.

Anyway, I've registered for something..
Will let you guys know once it's all planned.
And this means... I got lots of work to do in the upcoming weeks.

21st birthday in 3 more months+
I got to plan what I want to do.. Yikes!

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