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@ Thursday, February 05, 2009

I wasted 5 hours of my life yesterday.

And I don't mean to blame or say yin in anyways.

Previously I was saying I want a carefree life.
Yes, I'm given this.
And giving me an experience for it.
Yet...... I cannot survive. *smack my face*

Who says traveling alone is fun?
Who says chilling alone is fine?
Hahahaha, I think I want to take back my words that I said earlier.

I have a book, but no pen.
I have a mouse in my bag, but no laptop.
I have a iPod but no wifi.

However, I create a mini record of my life.

I visited 4 fast food restaurants and ate at 3.
4 fast foods: mac, mos burger, bk, kfc
ate at: mac, mos burger, kfc

wanted to add an additional: long john silver

but it was quite late after all those shoppings with liam+unker+wming

time to prepare.
i'm heading back school today with ALL my karching goods.
submitting withdrawal form + student pass and gonna be an official non-SIM student.
but im clashing lecture with my mates to pass time till 5.

yea, i still call them my mates. they will be, forever~ :)


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