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@ Friday, February 27, 2009

I woke up at bloody 7am+ !

Runny nose,
Sneezing every minute,
Can feel the drug running about in my blood.
Chilly & Cold,
Phlegm out once awhile,
Fast Heartbeat,

But I still got to do work today & meet those clients.

I didn't realise today is 27th Feb until I think back about what JZ tagged that there's still 10 months to christmas.

It was Sarah's 21st birthday yesterday.
Such an important date for my special girl yet it slipped off my mind!
And especially it's her most important day of her life!

Girl, I know you read this..
Really damn sorry~ I've just sent you an sms just now!
Was really too busy with all these work and didn't keep track of the dates!

I'm really a lousy friend.

I guess I'm not looking forward to my 21st birthday in less than 3 months time.
No plans..
& forget about the Korea trip.
Not going anymore.
Not even going anywhere..

But I wish for:
01 x Piano
01 x Bicycle
Many x Surprises

You know..
I just realised my wishes looks like it's from a 6 years old kid.

Ok, let me add one more that it doesn't seems its from a 6yo girl.

01 x HKSSII :)

Actually I don't really need it.

I really don't know what else I need.
I realize i'm lucky that I got almost everything.

Unless you open a new bank account for me? $500? Hahahaha..

OH YES... I finally remembered...

01 x Mini Whiteboard

by the way, talking about whiteboard, my christmas tree is still alive and kicking.
Ok it doesn't kick around, but it grew by 1.5~2 inches i think!

It's my first plant and it still around since last December!
I'm so proud of myself that I water it everyday.
Whenever I forgotten for a day, I'll feel damn worried for her!
I think I've already treat her like a pet (Pet Plant?) This sounds so weird.

I don't give her tap water.
I give whatever I drink.
(Well, duh, of cause not fuzzy drink.)

Yea, pour from my cup to the pot. ;)
And it's just placed beside my speaker, it listen to whatever songs I listen everyday.
Mostly classical. I bet she's happy.

Hahahahaha! I'm such a responsible owner.. hahahahaha....!

Ok, I think I'm crazy. Probably it's the panadol. Hahahahaha..
Head back to bed now!

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