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@ Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm working, working, and working.
Not complaining at all.

Just feel that my life is stuck at home working.
Well, at least I can sleep, eat, anytime I want.

Very sua ku with the outside world now.

Good luck to those SIM mates who are taking the BS common test tomorrow! (if i'm not wrong)
And OB's assignment, just 2 more weeks to deadline! (it's not a reminder, it's telling you that it's soon gonna be over)

Jia you! :)

I gonna crash in lectures with you people, eat lunch and have a good laugh.
And hang out after the hectic weeks during this period.

I seriously feel happy with you guys. Really.
I miss you guys.. Sighs!

Lacking of social life now. Hahaha..

I seriously feel like going for a vacation trip. For at least a week.
To either of the following countries: Korea, Taiwan, Japan..

Well you know good culture asian countries.
The rest are rubbish to me.

Probably after mid march, I shall see...
I don't get it why some people even bother to go M'sia when the money can be saved for a ticket to Taiwan.
Mr Wirriam might be one of them.
Hehehe... Don't oi me hor, I'm giving you good advises to TRAVEL SMARTLY!

HAHAHA, there's a few birds outside my window now. They are drying their feathers because it's raining very heavy now.

Strange, birds like to come over to my window and it's very weird to look at them at eye level.

And you know what nickname I call such bird?

moto_0018-edit.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Don't you think their eyes damn fake meh?

Oh yes, that's my MUJI calender beside my iMac. :D

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