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@ Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More stuff coming up soon...
KHLOE'S KAMERAS soon gonna combine with something else .


Stay tuned.

It's a busy busy (yet free) week.

I have a 11-2 life.
I wake up at 11am and sleep at 2am.
Really, my bioclock automatically switch off after 2 recently.
Real sleepy.

I suddenly feel like going for a vacation (well, been saying for a long time) but wish to stay there for at least a month.
I asked Mr Wirriam how much will it be if I stay the countryside of Japan for a month?
Not gonna stay in hotels but i don't mind cheap rented apartment.

I don't need anymore city life.
I'm sick of it.
Even shopping doesn't interest me anymore.

Still, seeking for happiness.

My aim to get a free life with photography, tea session, listen to music while walking on street, have a pet cat, live alone, well.... already mentioned to Mr Wirriam: The Jap kind of life.

Things like..
Newspaper in the morning with a cuppa tea,
Greet the Postman,
Say Hi to the lady at the grocery store.
Browse thru shop with all the time you want.
Visit the pet shop to buy your pet's favourite food.
Go back home and do some home deco as your free time.
Clean house, white furnished fixtures with brown parquet floorings, offwhite curtains with glass doors.
Travel around alone (well, a public transport) with music + camera.
Have a darkroom at home to wash my photos.
Listen to Jazz with my favourite hi-fi system while cooking dinner for myself.

The world is all yours....

What is life out there?

PS. I miss my SIM mates.

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