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@ Thursday, February 12, 2009


I must have the motivation to get a car lisense.
YES LAH, I KNOW I DAMN SLOW. Going to 21 years old liao haven't even go learn.

My motivation to get a car lisense is... to buy my own car.
Tsk, my own family car installment still not settled still wanna buy own car. -__-

Probably I will drive my family car for at least a year and I'll get my own....

I envy some people.
Buy a BMW. And ask their own daughter to take a license and able to drive that goddamn BMW to fetch her own mom and dad..

Sighs.. me? One freaking not-nice-to-drive-because-not-quiet Mazda 3.
How I know not nice to drive when I haven't even try?
I, as a passenger, already feel not comfy liao...!

Valentines day is coming.
Holy shit...!

What's so great about valentines?
You get to see more couples outside hold hands, kiss kiss, hughug.
Then after valentines.. Where do they go ah?
Must be Valentines Day to do those lovely dovey stuff meh?

If i got the time,
I will shower Mr Wirriam with love and gifts, everyday except Valentines Day.

Well, I got to apologise to Mr Wirriam in advanced.
Really, don't expect from me this year.
But I will give back double once I got the time to get it. :)

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