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@ Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another dream.

I dream of going an event.
Feeling super hungry.
Food is everywhere.

And I went to wash my hands in the middle of the night.
The tap was real noisy.
The security guard scolded me because I made too much noise and ask me to stop washing.

I walked off and complained to Mr Wirriam.

Someone called me and came to my 'place' and want to order cameras.

2 x 120 N (black)
2 x Fishaqua
2 x Red Aquapix

It's not my place. It's located outside like modern and clean shophouse that goes direct to my bedroom.

And he want to addon 1 x Pano adapter.


This is crazy.
I woke up before i collected the money. Darn it! LOL.

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