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@ Sunday, March 08, 2009

It was some hell of week for us.
Too much things to do yet too little time.

For the first time we set up clothes and be our own models.

Even myself, I don't even pose and smile in front of the camera.
I'm a photographer, I seldom appear in images. Hahaha!

So.... it's really a challenge for me.
And I'm pretty proud of myself as I do this for the first time. Hahahahaha..

TP-0033-front.jpg picture by khloe3074k

Please pardon us. Especially our spastic face, look and poses.

The first trial was almost a flop. Crappy images.
But the second try are way better than before.
Well, there's some ugly ones that i've posted up are the first trial.

Don't bloody compare us with that Taiwanese model in the site can?
If i have that face and gt the ability do that, I rather go be a model and earn big bucks.


Finally tops are all up~
The rest of the icon hyperlinks are not available at the moment.
I'm still working on it.

Stay tuned. :)

PS. I love those clothes navigation icons! :D

AND BTW, this is how the sky looks like now outside my window.
It's really much more breathtaking than this picture.
I missed the golden period by a few couple of seconds as I was searching for my CF card.

Oh well..

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