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@ Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Shocked Shocked LISTEN UP LOMOTIONSG MEMBERS! Shocked Shocked
5% discount is on-going for you guys till further notice!

How to redeem this discount?
1) Simply Order anything from through our site or email the order to us at
2) Please inform us the discount code: LOMO5G and your valid LOMOTIONSG NICKNAME upon ordering before sending in payment to get your golden discount!
(Note: Invalid LomotionSG nickname = No Discount)

That's simple! Very Happy

Terms & Conditions:
*Applicable for all Cameras and anything else, except Films, Sale or Pre-order items
*Discount is not transferable to cash.
*Strictly present the discount code BEFORE you pay for your order.
*No stacking of discounts 5%+5%=10%?! (from FB Group) is allowed.
*MULTIPLE X CHOICE reserves the rights to accept/ reject the promotion.

What's more? Round down the figure after 5% discount! Which means you get. well.. more than 5%!

Some prices for best sellers...

Holga 120 N - $52 (UP: $55) Save $3!
Holga 120 GN - $57 (UP: $60) Save $3!
Holga 120 GCFN - $76 (UP: $80) Save $4!
Holga 135BC (Black) - $71 (UP: $75) Save $4!
Holga 135BC (White) - $85 (UP: $90) Save $5!
BlackBird,Fly (Any Color) - $185 (UP: $195) Save $10!
BlackBird,Fly (Bundle Set: BBF+Flash) - $211 (UP: $223) Save $12!
3 Lens Disderi - $28 (UP: $30) Save $2!
FishAqua Waterproof Camera - $35 (UP: $37) Save $2!

Save your savings on your hobby during recession times! Laughing

he 5% ONE-TIME discount is given to Multiple X Choice facebook group members.
The 5% discount ON-GOING is only for those who are IN the Facebook Group PLUS you are a LomotionSG member.
Discounts wont be given to those who only join LomotionSG just for the discounts, hence W.E.F 25th Mar, 2100hrs, minimum of 5 posts in the forum is required.

Tip: You can actually use the Facebook 5% discount first for your first purchase before you join into this community.


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