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@ Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally got hold of my LensBaby..
(YES LIKE FINALLY. Everyone has already develop their film and taken so many shots and I just receive it LOL)

It's hard to use for the first try but after a few shots of practice, got a little hang of it.
But well, my room got nothing much to experiment with..

I guess it's best to take in outdoors cuz it can't set any settings to get the right exposure, except my ISO. And i push it to 1600, it still sort of take the shutterspeed of 1/6. -_-

One sample shot..
Well, still not properly taken.

(For those who don't know what the heck is a LensBaby, it's actually a lens that you can tilt to focus a best sweet spot in your picture. Any sorts of angle. So... what you see in that picture above is totally not editted.)

I won't dare to use this on film, yet. Hahahaha..

I just taught Mr Wirriam a bit of basics of photography.
Well, he's a IT person so i think it's more useful if he knows a bit.

So..... i just realise i got so many things to learn.
I've yet to digest anything about astronomy. (Joeleslie shifu, i need your help la. lol)
I've yet to register for my driving (after zillion years)
I've got to find time to buy a piano and learn piano.

Life is about learning.
In fact, I never hate learning, nor even going to school. Just that i don't like to be tested or taking exams.

I think i found the meaning of life already.
But, i can't find the use of learning so much and dying in the end.
Does our knowledge goes with us in heaven or hell and even afterlife?
No what.. Hmm..

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