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@ Friday, March 06, 2009

I can't wait for tomorrow's movie with Mr Wirriam.

It's been more than half a month that we last dated each other.
The last time we hang out was on Valentines Day.
Oh yes, busy with work, school, and everything else.

By the way,
I have my own rights to blog whatever I want about my life.
If you think i'm blogging too much personal stuff, well then let me be.

Emo, let me pour out my woes.
Happy, let me share with the world.
Angry, let me vent around.

I guess it does benefit you for knowing me so much - I don't know what reasons you have.
You can practically be my best friend (who knows me well) if you stalk my blog for a few months.

Lol, not referring to anyone at all.
But what I mean is..

I got nothing to hide. Why should I be so secretive to everyone?
This is what I am, this is what you see from me.
I'm true to everyone, I don't fake. ;)

... its 3.10am in the morning.
I think I shall resume my work tomorrow night.
*big yawns*

And I just realise.. I've not been posting any photos.

I guess I shall post up Kimi's photo which I took 3 days ago, before I goto sleep.

She's in love with the Jelly camera which I gave her.
Erm, I didn't give her actually. She kapo-ed from me.

5 months + (1 week before 6 mths, you go count yourself)

I love this photo a lot! Hahahaha!

KIMI: "Let me show you how I gonna make this disappear!"

Gonna grow her first tooth.. Been sucking her own gum.

This photo doesn't look like her..

KIMI: "Looks Yummy!"

It's pretty interesting to take babies.

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