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ky l.
For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I dream that me, a group of friends are given special powers.

It's a certain kind of hand stroke you need to do and the power will be activated.

I can't remember what happened earlier but someone told us we are in trouble.

It was at night.
We went to this space. There's a white tent shelter. (Something like pasar malam kind, with wooden platform)

This man is trying to kill us.
we tried so many times attacking him but it won't work.
But we can see that is health point is getting weaker and weaker.

We attack him out of the tent and the tent is our safe zone.
It's like a shield for us.
I cast a protection bubble around the area while resting to heal ourselves.

I went out of the tent.
Went to the grass patch.
My powers just don't work anymore.
He took a knife, press it against my hand, and slit it thru.
I felt a tingling pain, not too pain yet.
Using my weapon and slide just at the skin of his throat.
He panicked.
But he didn't resist me.
I tried shouting for help because my strength is getting low to defend this person.
I'm gonna die if I don't do anything.

But I woke up.

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