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@ Sunday, March 08, 2009

I fall in love with classic songs once again.

The oldies, sentimental hits.

Well, listening to sentimental songs doesn't mean I'm feeling sentimental.
It brings the old classic feeling, but doesn't resemble of the past.
Each time I listen is a different feeling, a different story - that's what I like it, unlike the rest of the genres.

Anyway, I'm glad that I saw Yin yesterday afternoon. (Ok it should be the other way round. I'm glad that Yin saw me.)
Was kind of surprised, as I really can't remember when is the last time I met her.
And this tells me that time is ticking each time, the last time I remembered is counting down to Christmas and have steamboat with my sis, and today.. it's already the 8th of March.

Can you believe it? It gives me a scary feeling that I can't catch up with time.

It's gonna be mid of March soon, and I still can remember the last ring of the church bell it strikes 12 noon on the first day of the month when I'm still asleep... it seriously seems like yesterday.
And once mid month comes, it's gonna be end of the month and vuala!: It's APRIL FOOLS' DAY.


Still, What should I do for my birthday?
Everyone told me that I should make it big because it's my 21st.
Really don't know what should I do.

Anyway guys, here's my list I want for my 21st Birthday present.
I really don't wish to receive crappy stuff.

1) Bicycle
2) Piano
3) HKSSII (Go google it)
5) Seagull TLR (the one with the chinese '海鸥' wordings on it)
6) ..... Let me think and I'll note down. :)

I need funds for business capital. lol.

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