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@ Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I was looking at my first wedding photography.
Pretty impressive that they are done by me.

I was like thinking 'Hey, why are you hiding your potential all the time?'

Maybe I should have an internship with some photography studios and be their assistant photographer. But hey, my life will be totally filled up like shit. -_- I won't be able to sleep then.

Don't know what's wrong with me.
Been letting so many opportunities and chances slipping pass my hands.

I just realise.. I'm quite a talented person.

I know photography, I'm doing a business, I'm slightly knowledgeable in gadgets compared to the average girls, I'm not bad looking, I got great mind (just that I'm lazy), I got great personality, I am a good girlfriend, I'm picky in eating food, and sound quality, I AM GOOD.

Yeah man...!
(WHAHAHAHA, self praising again! Oh my god!)

And I don't believe I cannot master piano.
Everyone can do it, why can't I?
I will play it well man!

I remember when I started learning guitar many years back.
Can say fast learner, just because I spend a lot of time practicing it.
And the catchy tune, I can't remember what's the title. Blues smthing.
Too bad, now I'm lazy, everything lazy!

And yeah, i gonna have another wedding shoot during May, can say .. I'm pretty looking forward to it, after not touching wedding photography for a year.
It's a challenge for my stamina, concentration and my determination to filter+edit every single photos from day till night. Whahaha..

Maybe this time I can use lensbaby on wedding! :D

I'm pretty looking forward to my life events.
Birthday, bla bla bla...
Can't wait for everything to happen.

Life is getting more interesting now, kinda.

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