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@ Saturday, March 14, 2009

I was saying I want to get a laser printer and yess... finally I got it.

And ever mentioned that I will take peekture of my ring,
here it is..

Mr Wirriam's ring is with him..

I love it, it's rose gold color. :)
I think I want my wedding band to be rose gold + white gold. hehehe~

And the engraving at the inside...
Mine is K+W

and Mr Wirriam's is W+K

And... I bought a new SLR (Well, it's not brand new but new to me)
All thanks to Daniel who sell it to me at cheap price! Thank you so much! (And thanks for dropping by at the bazaar!)
Super lightweight, compared to my Nikon SLR.
And I'm loving it~

Cuz I can use my canon mount lens for it, as well as my speedlight flash.

+ able to use my Les Ailes French (I'm selling it!) camera strap on it~ Pretty pretty now!

Now.. I got two DSLR and two SLR!

I told Mr Wirriam we can go for digital or film shooting together! :D
And I just loan my BBF to him, he's dying to use it.. -_-"

And.. I bought a Lensbaby, but it's still with Mr Wirriam as he collected from Unker Ndroo on my behalf. Can't wait to use it!

One more thing...
I tested out the Audio Technica woody headphone!
Power!!! If i'm not wrong it's 400+?? or more.. and i think it's USD.
pretty classic.

Time for bed now~~
I'm tired, but still.. i do enjoy life and STILL feeling positive... ;)

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