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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I watched this magic last night on the television.

And somehow he said it's the other world that do that. Some spirit.
I believe in that but well... I dont know..

And it makes me think back of those poly days I played the spirit game with my bunch of friends.
Thinking back what had happened..
It's real amazing.
It makes me believe in the other world as it exist right infront of me.

Some may not believe in it. Thinking that someone is controlling the whole pencil or coin.
But seriously NOT AT ALL.

I was asking questions, and well.. some questions that no one else knows the answer except me.
But i wasn't thinking of that answer or even controlling the pencil either.

Lets say.. 'Where is my dad?'
In my mind, it was 'Home'.. But it gave me 'CHINA'
Okay, it's a different answer but it knows that my dad went to china for his business!

And we ask certain things like what is the letters behind my jacket.
It's a german name. Even I myself don't even know how to spell it. Chim name.
And yet it can spell it out correctly.

Certain things like asking 'What is my IC number?'
Well.. my friends obviously don't know it.
And it went to the wrong number. I said 'You got it incorrect' once it made a mistake.
It paused awhile and then went to the correct number.

Different spirits has different strength.
We encountered adults, couple, young child.

The interesting thing is the couple..
Because we can feel which is male and which is female.

The spirit told us they take over the pencil cuz only 1 spirit can control it.
Certain point of time the pencil pressure is harder and more aggressive in the speed of the pencil. And when we ask, they told us it's the male who is answering us.
And the pencil pressure is lighter when the female took over it.

Sometimes it just answer our questions halfway and paused, they switched 'person'. LOL.
And once we spend too much time with them, they tend to be slower in speed.
We asked if they are tired, they said yes.
So we let them go.

The world is really full of wonder..

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