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For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
@ Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm left with less than 4 hours to sleep.

It's gonna be a damn tiring and exciting day tomorrow.

Hey guys do drop by SMU if you can, Ok?

I seriously need all your morale support.

We did the loading up of goods to the vehicle.
I can say.. the total weight of our stuff might reach 100kg.
I swear i'm not exaggerating.
It was damn funny while we are loading the goods up.

Just imagine: 2 ladies dragging BIG LOAD of stuff in the MIDDLE of the night. Wee hours. 3 am.. And not once, but 3 times going in and out of house.

It totally seems like we are trying to runa way from home.
we SHIFT the whole house.
And I was laughing because we even bring out a tall mirror while dragging the load.

We tried stuffing every single thing into the car.
And I think the whole estate are disturbed by us.
Because whatever noise you make echoed up to your house.
All the plastic bag sounds, whahahahaha. Couldn't stop laughing at it.
And dragging of clothes rack. 3 of them. Super noisy.

Now, hands are feeling damn sore.

It's kind of like a nightmare to me.
There's so many things to do, there's so many things to think of...
I just feel so stressed being at home.

Those carefree (oh, theres still freedom) life just totally feel different.

Friends, especially Mr Wirriam...
Sorry, let me MIA for the next 3 days and I'll get everything settled down quick.
I want a rest!!

Good night world.
May the force be with us tomorrow.

To : Mr Wirriam (I got to drop a msg here cuz i dont have time to chat with you)
It hurts me to see you type those kind of words..
No matter what happens, please share with me.
I won't mind being your punching bag to unload those stress out of you.
Like we ever promised thousand years ago (!), we'll be there for each other no matter what.

If I were you, I'll quit whatever things which makes me stress and unhappy.. and start afresh to pick things up all over again.
Really... just think about it. Whats your gain after all these stress and sufferrings?
The main important thing is.. Are you happy?

I ever mentioned before. I got a friend who quitted a superbly high paid job just to persue her passion by teaching dancing. And she's happy and living without any regrets.

I don't want you to suffer and screwed up everything in life.
Health is important.
Stress is unhealthy.

And by the time when things gets worse, all these while you're doing are not even gaining you anything at all. I seen real people with real things (?) happening in my own eyes and I know it.
(Life is about the process not the ending point)

Good luck. I hope you'll find a way out somehow.
& I hope I can help out too.

PS. Sorry if the language structure is not right or doesnt make sense at all.
Can't think now. Just totally type straight out from my head.

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